spring cleaning time!

April 12, 2010

= still not the ideal wakeup time, but i’ll take it over yesterday’s 2am debacle! hopefully as my daytime sleep decreases, my nighttime rest will improve until all is back to normal! avoiding a 5-hour nap today is probably in my best interest.

despite the body clock confusion, i’m excited to start a new week. i finished reading the happiness project this morning (or, last night, depending on what you consider 4AM to be!), and i am pleased to report that it was inspiring, motivating, and thought-provoking down to the very last page.

i loved seeing your reframing strategies in the comments . . . although with all my talk, i didn’t get much at all done yesterday. it was more of a day of recovery, which can be good sometimes, too.

this week, though, i’ll get to put this practice to good use — i’ve decided to make it spring cleaning week!

this wasn’t exactly my original idea, but i’m going with it. each day will be dedicated to cleaning (and organzing) one area of our apartment. this place may be small, but that doesn’t meant that buildup of clutter (and grime) doesn’t happen!

the schedule
monday: bedroom + closet
tuesday: kitchen
wednesday: bathroom
thursday: living/dining room
friday: laundry room/front closet

a real simple-worthy home makeover is unlikely, but i will plan on taking some before & after pics to add to the fun factor.

weekend indulgence
josh and i met up with my sister at the fabulous watts grocery.

note to locals: arrive either at 10:45 AM, or after 12. there is a huge rush at 11am and if you miss the first seating, you will be out of luck for some time!

i had just finished my 10-miler and was hungry to the extreme. and for some reason, i couldn’t get the idea of a pimiento cheese sandwich out of my head! so i went for it.

this rich, buttery, and (yes) bacon-spiked delight HIT. THE. SPOT. i don’t often crave things like this, so i figure that when i do? i might as well take advantage. an unexpected side effect of this sandwich was that i passed out afterward for oh, 5 hours (remember, i had been up at 2am so this wasn’t as ridiculous as it sounds!).

but that wasn’t the only treat to be found at brunch! my sister surprised me with a (WAY) early bday present that she picked up in london:

look at the bag it came in!! (and DON’T look at the bags under my eyes. 2am, remember?)

the festive paper tote held this dazzling array of multi-colored face cloths! although i am considering repurposing a couple of them as dish cloths because i think they’d brighten up the kitchen (plus they have the right nubbly texture).

ahh, orla. i don’t think i’ll ever tire of you!

which reminds me
i waffle back and forth about whether i need want an iPhone once my verizon contract runs out. is it sad that finding out that this case exists is a huge push in the ‘pro’ direction?



run report: 10 miles, average 8:57/mi in chapel hill. cool breeze + bright sun + green everywhere + this american life = near perfect experience. unfortunately, my ankle is hurting a little bit today. i’m not sure how that happened!

reading: i took the weekend off! it felt right.

i am grateful for: the local restaurant scene! also, for having today off to recover from the night –> day switch


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    oooooooooo spring cleaning. i so need to get on that! hope youre able to get back on track with the sleep thing, i&#39ve always heard that the best way to combat jet-lag (which i think of this as a form of) is to eat meals at the "normal" times and it will regulate your body. don&#39t know if it works (i&#39m not a big traveler) but it couldn&#39t hurt to try

  • Reply sarah March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    I am really inspired by how you are breaking down the Happiness Project. It&#39s sincerely piqued my interest in trying it out for myself – like, I can break down chores and accomplish them too!

  • Reply Chelsea March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Very cute towels. So are back to days for awhile now or do you have to take some more nights before you finish your ER rotation?

  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    love the towels love the bag I think verizon is going to support the i phone next year

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