April 19, 2010

fashion finds online
after spending much of my weekend with nose attached firmly to grindstone, i’m a little devoid of inspiration this morning. so, i thought that i might share some of my favorite fashion/style blogs and websites! i know it’s going to be a HUGE shocker that several involve my favorite store, right? if it’s even possible, keeping up with these sites has just intensified my love for anthro goods (and other pretty things) . . . so read on at your own risk!


anthroholic: kim, is a self-professed ‘anthroholic’ whose sense of style is feminine, fairly trendy, and fun. she posts outfits of the day, reader outfits (i sent one in once!) and fitting room reviews. she is also lucky to have long, model-esque limbs that make her anthro pieces lie on her with an elegance that i will NEVER achieve. her sweet personality comes through in her writing, and i can completely see why her blog has skyrocketed in popularity in just a few short months.

effortless anthropologie is not for the wishy-washy anthro fan. this chick means BUSINESS! roxy, the author of this blog, religiously tracks anthro sales, hosts a buy/sell/trade market, does very thorough fitting room reviews, and also posts her own ‘OOTD’s (outfit-of-the-day, for the fashion-blog naive). of note, she is of a curvier body type that is somewhat lacking from the fashion blog scene but seems made for many of anthro’s retro-inspired looks.

dea diaries is a recent find — and i love that the author lives in durham! i just love how she combines things and her beautiful outdoor shots. i’m also pretty sure we’re the same size (though i think i’m way shorter!) and so i am considering breaking into her house and looting her closet. um, kidding. promise.

more broadly focused

♥ i feel like almost everyone who reads fashion blogs knows about the chloe conspiracy. petite and spunky chloe wears everything from forever 21 to christian dior and writes with a flair that has me smiling with every post. BONUS to me that she is only 5’2″ and therefore helpful to me in showing how pieces might look on a shorter hanger, if you will. it’s her posts that have me thinking i can get away with the shorts in yesterday’s post as long as the top is covered! but sadly i have to remember i am not as gifted as ms. chloe is in the leg department . . . so we’ll see.

♥ also petite (right about my size!), but with a more preppy/professional vibe is the delicious ginger snap! this red-headed floridian lawyer maintains her anonymity by covering up her face, but i’d still recognize her in an instant by her pulled together looks and brilliant locks. she loves j. crew, lilly pullitzer, and banana republic, and is always coordinated perfectly. i especially love her fun touches and tiny details — she shows that dressing professionally doesn’t have to mean drab work-wear!

legalstyle is written by a california law student (and duke alum!). she takes beautiful photos and her focus is on simplicity, with clean and modern lines. i love how she calls attention to the beauty present in simple scenes, and her GORGEOUS apartment backdrop makes me drool. maybe someday . . .

coffee talk is written by a college student who is destined for greatness in design and advertising (at least in my own uneducated opinion). she takes inspiration from nature as well as vintage treasures and her photos are just lovely. i also love the overall design of her site — maybe i could hire her to make over the body of this site (i LOVE my header, but the rest . . . meh.)

a weekend of perspective
i may not have been thrilled about spending 24+ hours this weekend in the ER, but i actually enjoyed myself, for the most part. i think i did really well with my goal of just focusing on one patient at a time (and trying NOT to focus on the waiting room!).

yesterday’s shift had a bit of everything: diagnostic dilemmas (which i nailed! probably because the answer was ENDOCRINE for once) and teen angst (rather entertaining angst, though), but also devastating tragedy. obviously i cannot share details, but it was a reminder that not only is life short, but it is fragile and everything can change in an instant.

i feel so lucky to just still BE here this morning, with my loved ones healthy. HAPPY monday, and enjoy the week!