wicked fun

April 24, 2010

quick check-in
from boston! i’m sure i’ll have much more to share after tonight . . .but here’s a taste of our fun evening out in durham last night. my friend aimée says i better bang this out so we can start our bachelorette festivities, so here goes . . .

me + sister rebecca out at toast in durham

no time for a real review, but i HIGHLY recommend the fried egg + taleggio panini!

DPAC on the right, state prison on the left! ahh, durham . . .

oh yeah.

looks urban, right? durham . . . the brooklyn of the south. or not.

wicked was good – but i liked the first half better than the second. i also started getting reaaaaally sleepy which does not bode well for tonight since we are planning to shut the boston bars down! emily (the bride to be), her friend meredeth, and i already hit the charles river path for 8.5 miles . . . and we’re off to SHOP, and basically take over the city of boston. more to follow in a real post tomorrow!