thursday break time!

May 6, 2010

a positive choice
i REALLY don’t want to write a clichéd, annoying post about how much it sucked to get through a (HARD) 29 hour shift while under attack by some ugly powerhouse of an upper respiratory virus.

so, while waiting for my ibuprofen + pseudoephedrine cocktail to kick in, i will just pose a few more exciting questions. let’s share! feel free to take a break from work (or google reader catchup) and post your answers in the comments and give me something to look forward to for when i wake up from a long (hopefully therapeutic) maxi-nap.

what was your best subject in school, by stage of education?
high school: probably math, although i wasn’t one of those super-accelerated types. actually, thinking more outside the box it was probably chorus!

college: physiology! and neuroscience.

med school: pharmacology. oh i love me some drugs, and i can memorize meds like nobody’s business.

what was your worst subject?
high school: history. i used to sleep in it consistently. why was it always focused on wars & politics? i would have been much more interested in schools of thought, or what normal people did with their days! too bad blogs didn’t exist back then . . .

college: organic chemistry — hands down. i have a (self-diagnosed) spatial learning disability.

med school: anatomy. that ol’ spatial thing strikes again! good thing my future career will never require me to cut any holes in anyone, ever.

what is one book you think everyone — everyone — should read?

i really did love it!. but my favorite books in terms of artistry are probably lolita (nabokov) and the wind-up bird chronicle (murakami).

if you were limited to ONE musical group/artist to listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be?

gaga probably the beatles. but the loss would be heart-wrenching.