June 12, 2010

with a chance of meconium
hello from our community hospital. i would love to put together a dazzling and coherent post, but several obstacles stand in my way.

1. i slept for 5 hours last night after attending a late (but fun!) ingrid michaelson concert in raleigh.

2. i walked into mayhem at 7 on the dot and have not recovered since.

3. really, i cannot relax in this place enough to string two sentences together.

4. i don’t even know how to post pictures on this computer, so i can’t even cop out with a fashion post.


(yes, those are crickets chirping. and i think a tumbleweed just blew by . . . )

i guess i’ll just have to go with the ol’ link distraction trick
hey, check out the latest post from penelope loves lists, in which she makes me soooo excited for when i have some kids of my own to entertain. i hope it’s as fun as she makes it sound!!