jungle adventure

June 4, 2010

rainforest workout hike
come on, babe, let’s go . . .

what’s that face for? you’ll love it, i promise!

okay, rainforest ranger speaking; this time I MEAN IT! on y va . . .

see? worth it.

wasn’t that fun?

hidden forest café
real meals = real food

a hard-earned meal: curried chicken salad with bananas. a genius accompaniment if you ask me.

sliced-up salmon, arugula, and goat cheese summer rolls

happiness project update
my goal this week was (and still is!) to truly R E L A X — and i feel that i was quite successful! there were some things about this trip that were not what we expected, but i think both of us did wonderfully at embracing the time we had together as well as the simple pleasures of sleeping in, soaking up the sun (with SPF 1000, of course), and just NOT hurrying to do anything.

namaste. see you on the flip side!


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