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June 18, 2010

fashion and function
i thought about doing one of the organization-themed posts i had written about earlier, but decided that hey — it’s friday! still a work day, but a time for a bit more fun.

aaaaaand speaking of fun at work, i am going to go out on a limb and say that my outfit makes a significant impact on the tone of my day. shallow? perhaps. but when i walk in wearing a cute dress and heels, i feel just a little bit brighter and more confident about — well, everything. and then perhaps i act brighter and more confident, and you might imagine that this positive feedback loop would continue.

i want this entire outfit. except i don’t do flats.
since i work in a field where i meet people from all walks of life all day long, i think that looking presentable is part of the job. i also think that kids respond a bit better if i’m in something bright or colorful. i never sport a white coat (gross, unfashionable, and kids hate it!) unless it’s necessary for carrying capabilities, such as when i’m in the intensive care units.

of course, i have my days when i just don’t feel the slightest bit cheery or attractive and i just want to fade into the background (like last week, when i was sporting the world’s most horrendous zit. isn’t 30 a bit old for that!?!?). but luckily, these days are the exception rather than the rule.

finally, summer makes it a million times easier for me to want to dress well. fewer layers are needed, and tights are unnecessary. i’m not doing anything particularly messy or setting foot in any OR, so i can get away with peep/open-toed sandals. and i love that it is so easy to just throw a dress on and GO.

don’t mess with the dress
some might say that dresses are impractical. but lately, i am finding them to be the most versatile pieces in my closet! night out? grab a dress! work? throw a cardigan . . . on top of a dress. the trick is to pick pieces that can be dressed up or down with accessories, and that don’t show too much skin.

example of what not to wear to work:

this slightly cloying little number (sweet shoppe dress, $158) may have some merits.

. . . but versatility is not one of them. where do you actually wear this thing?

but check out these options! first, there are the layering dresses: those fitted, comfortable numbers that can be paired with a cardigan for work or worn on their own with some pretty jewelery for a night out.

vagabond dress, $138.
stratified dress, $138.
then there are those that have enough color and panache to stand completely on their own, or maybe just with a belt. think about it — $118 for an entire outfit? really not a bad deal!

the secret treasures dress, $118, actually has fine stripes. love it!
there are even some sleeveless options. a simple white cardigan would make these two numbers work appropriate, but alone they would be dazzling at a casual outdoor summer bash (rehearsal dinner? bbq? you get the picture.)

there is something a little 80s about the awesome chromatic canvas shirtdress, $148.
and weighing in under the $100 mark, this comfortable-looking frock is a (relative) bargain!

shifting feathers dress, $98

speaking of work
i need to head out. i will do my best to focus on today, but i have to admit i’m super-excited for the weekend! josh and i are both off, and we haven’t had a stay-at-home, chill weekend together for quite some time.

i may even get to sport a dress or two 🙂

happy (fashion) friday!



workout: 4.5 miles outside (again!). i was supposed to cross-train, but the sparkling sunlight just called to me and i had to run outside. average 9:04/mi.

clean cooking: didn’t happen. instead, i was out for dinner (baby shower for a friend!) and enjoyed a margarita and some other goodies out at blue corn café in durham. i like their food, but unfortunately always leave feeling overloaded, and last night was no exception! the plantain chips are just too irresistible . . .


  • Reply Chelsea March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    I don&#39t think you could even get away with wearing the Sweet Shoppe dress at my work, and we are way casual.

    I would wear a dress to work more often but I ride my bike to work during the warm months so I&#39d either have to bring it in my backpack or get some better bike riding skillz.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    love the vagabond

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