July 4, 2010

while i can’t say i always have unwavering love
for the politics and actions of my country, the ol’ US of A has treated me pretty decently over the years. and one thing is for sure: we know how to rock. “kids in america” by the muffs came on my nano (yes, i put the clueless soundtrack on there, and no, i’m not ashamed) as i ran through (beautiful, sunny, and NOT too hot!) chapel hill this AM, and it brought me back to 1995. grunge’s answer to “party in the USA”?

ha! check out those nineties outfits. and the ridiculous scenes with the cigarettes (ew!). and now i want to watch the movie.

what does this have do with the 4th of july? absolutely nothing. whatever. moving on . . .

quiet night
yesterday i ended up staying in and working on my nerd awesome binder. what a saturday night, huh? i also took myself out for TCBY and started a new book (american wife by curtis sittenfeld).

and honestly? it was quite lovely! josh was on call, and usually i feel very antsy on those weekend nights — like i NEED some sort of diversion or social event; i am an extrovert, after all. however, in my advanced age i am starting to become more okay with the idea that quiet doesn’t have to mean boring. or perhaps i am realizing that once babies are in my life, silence/stillness will become relics of the past! better to enjoy some of it now . . .

promises more action! i just got back from 10 lovely miles.

what a difference nice weather makes!
the rest of the day’s plans:
★ work on nerd endo binder some more
★ some laundry
★ yoga for runners to stretch out
★ game plan for next week

and then the fun part . . .
★ make stuff for grilling out!
★ party on the carolina inn front porch
fireworks at UNC


(here’s where if i had them, i would stick in a picture of my sister and me dressed up in ridiculous (but fabulous) independence day parade outfits — a mainstay of our 80s neighborhood celebrations. maybe tomorrow . . .)



workout: SSU week 4 upper body workout; 35 minutes on the elliptical (levels 9-12)

HP update: in good faith, i don’t think i can give myself a check mark on my resolution to keep work and play separate. i checked my work email and then stressed about something in there (nothing big, just stuff to do related to research) for a lot of the day! note to self: better to leave certain emails unopened if they are non-urgent and you have no plans to deal with them that day.

unfortunately, i can’t avoid checking the box altogether as there could be clinical things to respond to that are time-sensitive, but i need to make sure that i don’t spend my downtime stressing about things that i’m not working on that that moment.

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  • Reply Faith @ LovelyAsCharged March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Geez, now you&#39re making me want to watch the movie! It&#39s hard to believe that Brittney Murphy is dead!

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