being vs doing

July 22, 2010

oh, i wasn’t kidding when i wished for a 26-hour day just 2 weeks ago! i would fill one of those extra hours with sleep, and the other with more work. wait, maybe 30 minutes of work and 30 minutes of cooking dinner.

although last night’s solution to the limited hour problem was pretty tasty:

chipotle certainly works in a pinch.
seriously, though, i’m getting to the point where there is nothing i really want to streamline out of my day, and yet i am having trouble fitting everything in.

priorities: an honest ordered list:
♥ josh
♥ family
✰ clinical work
✰ running/working out
✰ blog
✰ board prep
✰ research
✰ cooking
✰ the rest of my social life
✰ relaxation (reading, tv, etc)

research probably should be higher than ‘blog’ on this list, but i said i was being honest! of course, these items may shift depending on deadlines and such, but this is how my heart would put things in order. with this list in front of me, i would say that i’m doing a pretty good job living by my priorities, although i wish i got to spend more time with family (r: if you are reading this (though you probably aren’t), i mean it!)

clearly i want to get everything in, but as long as i am truly present in the things that i am doing, it doesn’t matter if every box gets checked off within a particular time frame (as satisfying as that can be).

anyway. as usual, zen habits knocked it out of the park with an excellent post to this effect yesterday. the post is “how to be insanely productive and still keep smiling”, and the overall gist is that productivity is more about how one chooses to be than what one chooses to do. i definitely recommend checking out the article — the author says it much better than i ever could!

happy thursday (not happy almost-friday, but happy today.) off to run! oh, and i loved seeing your music choices from yesterday. so many good suggestions — i want to check out the magnetic zeros, gypsy kings, and ray lamontagne now.

a interesting exercise, if you want to play: what would you do with an extra 2 hours to your day?



workout: 30 minutes elliptical (levels 9-12) + 30 minutes weights (mostly legs, but with some pushups, abs, and back thrown in!).

a take-out treat: as long as it’s not a regular habit, take-out can be a nice break from cooking on days like yesterday when i just did NOT have it in me to slice, dice, and especially clean up.

burrito bowl to the rescue!

this giant veggie/cheese/guac/rice/bean/salsa bowl and i called it a tie — meaning, i saved half to take for lunch with me today! oh yeah.

i supplemented with some chips. and this guy:

josh and i went to the brewery in kona during our honeymoon! except it appears that this specimen isn’t exactly a true island native:

new hampshire!? i can’t think of anywhere less tropical! it was still good.

board prep: 1/2 of the development chapter in laughing your way to passing the peds boards. yes, i studied post-beer.