routines matter

July 16, 2010

good morning!
and oh, it really IS! because i got exactly zero overnight pages yesterday night and it was as glorious as i imagined. now i get 2 weeks (plus an extra 2 days because i started call early to cover someone else) of signing the pager over to someone else* at 5 pm every night!

i am looking forward to this for many reasons; the first is that i will get my evenings back (5p – 8p is an extremely popular time to page, it seems) and second is that i can resume running OUTSIDE. i’ve been cautiously sticking to the treadmill for the past week on my early runs, so that if i get beeped i can simply hop off and tend to whatever needs to be dealt with.

i can’t wait to get back out and enjoy these low-70s-temps!
* someone else: other fellow, attendings, nurse practitioner. we all share the overnight pager burden, although this year my share is the heaviest (STILL not bad at all, though!)

routine, routine, routine
i’ve read multiple pieces about the importance of improving routines — like this one from the happiness project. it makes sense — by definition, a routine is something that happens over and over again. yet it’s easy to fall into bad patterns, leading to the same annoyances on a regular basis.

i know this because i have spent many a morning cursing the traffic lights on the way to work, mad at myself for being later than i wanted to be, my hair wet and mood darkening by the minute. my weekly goal this week was to work on improving my AM routine (this was also one of my 2010 resolutions!), but i’ve actually been working on it since the transition to fellowship happened.

so far, things are going much better than they used to! i’ve imposed a few guidelines (yes, i like to ‘impose things’ on myself — what?) — and they do seem to have helped!
they include:

β˜€ 5 am wakeup call. yes, it’s pretty early. but hey — it’s often an hour or so later than josh gets up! so we’re on the same, totally lame (but workable) old-person schedule. this seems to give me the right amount of time to get everything of importance done.

β˜€ pack lunch FIRST. i pack lunch while i’m eating breakfast (though another option would be to do so the night before). there is nothing worse than scrambling around the kitchen in a panic when you want to be out the door already!

β˜€ set time limits. for me, this is the hardest part. i could spend an hour writing my AM post! but i don’t have an hour. i set a deadline — i need to finish writing by 6:00 AM (so that i can then head to the gym/run). admittedly, this is the hardest for me to stick to, but is probably the most important.

β˜€ once you leave, just breathe. if i DO still run late (and it happens!), there is nothing gained by seething and freaking out all the way to work. my commute is about 25-30 minutes door to door in the morning, and those minutes can be spent in a calm and pleasant manner, or they can be frantic, setting the scene for a crappy day. why not do the former??

fashion friday?
i was browsing for some anthro picks to post this morning, but came up somewhat short.

there is something that i enjoy about the haphazard lines tank, but for $78 i would certainly hold out for a sale.

it looks to me like they are leaving the crisp 1950s-aesthetic and fresh summery color palate behind for a more organic, rugged style. there is a lot of a lot of beige, gray, and accents of red/maroon — colors from nature, perhaps, but instead of coming from a tahitian beach, it’s out of a rather gloomy enchanted forest.

not as much my scene as a breezy shirtdress, but i suppose an evolution had to happen at some point! and i’m sure i’ll find more to be excited about as the fall collections roll out in a month or so . . .



workout: 30 minutes elliptical (levels 9-12) + upper body weights routine from the SSU.

pasta redux: how’s this for a quick dinner? spinach-ricotta pesto pasta turned into . . . spinach-ricotta-pesto-pasta SALAD!

with local yellow squash and grape tomatoes. ahhh, summer.