July 26, 2010

a themed weekend
i did sneak in some board prep, cleaning, and grocery shopping. but for the most part, this weekend was comprised of:

★ eating delicious things
★ socializing
★ running/working out
★ spending $

my ambitious to do list is a little upset at me, and the items below weighing on my monday a bit.

☑ work on HLS talk
☑ work on research proposal
☑ plan speakers for next month’s endo meetings
☑ sleep by 9 pm

but michelle was quite the voice of reason with her comment:

i think i just need to follow my own advice about overscheduling. next weekend!

run report
yesterday’s temps weren’t exactly long-run-friendly. but i feel like i’ve been gradually acclimating to the summer, at least somewhat. or perhaps i’ve just lowered my expectations with respect to pace!

first 6 miles: 9:21/mi average
second 4 miles: 9:30/mi average. (with josh!)
best post-run snack ever:

cold, juicy watermelon chunks. pricele$$!
these paces are considerably slower than what i would typically run in cooler months, but as we finished the last loop it was 84 degrees (never mind the heat index) and i was just happy to have been running at all!

family brunch
i have always wanted to try brunch at vin rouge, and after yesterday’s experience, i’d be happy to go back any time!

darker and refreshingly cool inside the romantic interior

genetics at work!

though this picture does not do justice to the delicious mushroom and gruyere omelet i consumed.

there, that’s better. i dominated the eggs but left most of the fries alone (i am not a huge fry fan unless i am primed with something alcoholic . . . why is that!?).

josh looks pretty happy:

we followed our brunch with some apartment hunting (just like caroline! but we didn’t run into each other . . .). we’re not looking to move now but for next spring. LOVED west village, but not necessarily the monthly price tag. we’ll see what happens.

wait, there’s more
no, the eating and socializing didn’t stop at lunch. there is something nice about easing into the work week with a casual dinner with friends, and i was missing my residency partner in crime a, who comes conveniently with a surgery resident significant other who will entertain josh with tales from the OR and the like.

my main goal for the meal was to use up our fresh bella bean produce before it was too late!

awesome multicolored squash — lemon-lime?

a is just a little bit pregnant right now . . .

ahhh so cute!

not as cute, but still tasty —

our (somewhat) locally-sourced dinner. i made this easy baked shrimp recipe (subbed the wine for broth given the audience) + polenta + grilled squash/zucchini. simple yet good . . . especially topped off with unpictured local ice cream and fruit. yum.

and now it’s monday
but before the work week officially begins, i am going to savor one last relaxing run. enjoy your weeks!



workout: 10 HOT miles, average ~9:24/mi in CH

cooking action: see above!

board prep: over the course of the weekend: LYW nutrition chapter + 15 PREP questions. i’m still on track!


  • Reply da March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    What a nice picture of Rebecca and you! It&#39s a keeper! As for the french fry phenomenon, the simple answer is that alcohol lowers your inhibition to eat something naughty. I need no such excuse 🙂
    L, da

  • Reply Michelle March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks for the shout out! You and your sister look adorable 🙂 Sounds like a fun Sunday.

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    that blue print dress is stunning! looks like you had a really fun weekend 🙂

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