we, the people

July 5, 2010

scenes from the 4th
as i wrote about in yesterday’s post, we had an ambitious scheme to hit multiple festivities — but poor josh ended up working an absurd number of hours and we had to revise our plans. luckily, our gracious host m. didn’t seem to mind at all. basically, he just threw an incredibly tasty, casual, all-american dinner party and 6 of us (three couples) hung out, ate a lot, and talked up a storm.

it was pretty much perfect.

my contribution to the festivities:

not-so-photogenic but mild and addictive balkan eggplant dip + pita chips.

i couldn’t resist a nod to the day’s official color scheme . . . while josh went with pink. and the champagne of beers . . .

both the grill AND kitchen were hopping! josh and s. manned the BBQ (of course).

just the tip of the iceberg of what was consumed last night (i didn’t know everyone all that well and i was catching some flack for my camera use!).

+ BBQ corn with chipotle butter, a fantastic salad, the fries shown above, AND berry cobbler à la mode for dessert! a thanksgiving-worthy meal . . . summer-style.

blueberry morning
and yet for some reason i woke up with an indomitable urge to make blueberry muffins. because it’s summer! and monday . . . but i’m not at work. i used this recipe (the simply recipes site has never steered me wrong) with just a couple of healthified substitutions (used half whole wheat pastry flour and reduced butter by just a tad).

a rather sun-dappled picture, but i promise they turned out nicely!

part of this complete breakfast
off to enjoy the day!
i do have work to do today, but i feel quite rested (and somewhat inspired by my new job!) so i don’t really mind. i will just leave you with this:

yes, that’s me on the left and my sister on the right. and yes, those really were my glasses.
oh 1987, you were a good year for 4th of july costumes. my dedicated father meticulously stenciled these giant constitution replicas for us to wear. looking at these, i can totally see how my mom’s high-strung nature + my dad’s perfectionism combined to produce — well, this.

we the people, indeed.


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