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July 8, 2010

things i carry: fellowship edition
the newest addition to the orla kiely family of bags in this household arrived on our doorstep yesterday! i’m going to be a bit sad to retire my previous bag (at least as primary work vessel), since i lugged it around the hospital for the past 2.5 years. you can see the old bag in the corner of this sad scene, which pretty much sums up residency:

august 2008scrubs and old orla: relics of the past
okay, it wasn’t always THAT bad. but i’m still glad it’s over! here’s old orla’s roomier replacement:

at first i was worried it looked TOO big, but once i put all of my things in it, it looked just about right.

so what’s IN there, anyway?
i love, love, LOVE seeing what others carry around (check out this famous flickr pool for what i mean). 2 years ago during a PICU rotation, i captured the contents of my white coat, so i thought i would do an update.

i am not wearing a white coat these days (although some in the field do). i am not a fan, perhaps because i associate it with things like the PICU (i have a little PTSD there, maybe). instead, it’s all in the bag.

contents include:
✰ planner (space 24)
✰ notebook (for conferences, etc)
✰ official book of follow-up correspondance (all calls recorded)
✰ survival binder with schedule/important forms/articles/more
✰ algorithms book (to be replaced with my mini-binder when it’s complete)
✰ lunch bag
✰ emergency sustenance
✰ mini case to hold pens
✰ stethoscope
✰ mini-wallet
✰ prader beads & tape measure
✰ reference of normal endocrine values
✰ PALS card (what if someone codes in clinic?)
✰ residency survival guide

i may be able to streamline eventually, but for now this is it! it looks like a ton here, but it actually fits comfortably in new orla.

if you have a blog and are so inclined, i’d love to see a ‘what’s in your bag?’ post! feel free to link in the comments; if there are a few, i’ll post a list later in the week.

excellent discussion
in yesterday’s comments on the pickiness post! i think the general consensus is that perhaps pickiness does reach the disorder level when it interferes with functioning and/or health. and i am totally with those of you who vow not to cook two meals for the family when the time comes!

okay, off to do a little AM yoga (didn’t get to it yesterday). the relaxation will be welcome today since i am leading my first resident/student teaching session this morning. ahhh!



workout: 4 miles easy (9:03/mi) in chapel hill. even though the mercury climbed to 102 yesterday, it wasn’t bad at all at 6:15 when i was running.

clean eating burger #2: the july/august issue of CE features no fewer than 4 burger recipes, a fact which delighted josh. i think the very first thing he requested when i told him i wanted to make the whole issue were these smoky pork burgers.

here’s the recipe — very VERY simple. i am pretty sure that the pork i bought was not so lean, but:

a) it was from a local smaller farm and had a high humane treatment rating (ie: not from smithfield, although i suppose that’s ‘local’ too around here)
b) i kept the burgers to 1/4 lb size which is pretty reasonable

our favorite part of this dinner was the roasted tomatoes! so worth it even if turning the oven on during a 102-degree day felt a bit wrong.

HP corner: today marks the beginning of week #2 in my personal HP. this week’s goal is a challenging one: i want to figure out how to cut the intimidating projects i have looming down to size so that i can actually make daily progress on them! more on this tomorrow . . .


  • Reply tiabella March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Lol that first picture is too cute. I think if I took everything out of my bag, I&#39d never get it back in again!! Those burgers look pretty delicious. Take Care : )

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Love the first photo! I love seeing what&#39s in your bag! I have to do a similar post soon as I am getting a new bag in the mail soon! Very excited.

  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    In My Bag complete with roller and handle
    speaker system for an I-phone
    loops for magnification
    prescription goggles
    week&#39s schedule with complete package of h&p&#39s
    prescription pad
    camera for interesting cases
    surgical scissors
    business cards
    extra batteries
    charger for my cell phone
    OR caps
    various odds and ends including lunch

  • Reply Kath March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Love. This.Post.

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