gretchen rubin, do you need an intern?

August 15, 2010

LOVED giving away these three signed copies shown in kath‘s photo
you know, one with absolutely no qualifications for the position (other than a consistent blogging record and uh . . . medical degree?)

i tried to smile above all else. this photo is by the wonderful diana.
because it turns out that talking about time management, organization, and LIFE was a lot of fun for me.

with the fabulous kath and dynamic morgan — photo by meg
and i think our talk went well. if you are interested, it will be available for viewing online later this week! i’ll post when i know details.

full-on recaps to be continued later — after all, i want to do justice to the HLS, and i have a lot i want to write about. right now, i need to take my own advice and prioritize 🙂

have a wonderful sunday evening!


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