retail therapy

August 26, 2010

rough night
last night was a bit rough. we were actually both on home call, and i think ONE of our pagers went off every hour or so, or at least that’s how josh described it. somehow i seem to be able recognize my own pager’s ring and wake up to that and not his (which is good, because i wouldn’t be a very good responder to ‘mr. x’s wound just dehisced’).

my least favorite conversation of the night was from a parent whose kid’s glucometer had broken during the day; after calling about it at 9 pm, she was screaming at me because i could not just make a new one materialize at her home in thin air (of course, any drugstore sells them . . . but apparently she had no $ to buy one). to be honest, i am confident that half of the diabetics we take care of go many nights with no glucometer action whatsoever, and generally manage to live until morning (home glucometers are an invention of just the last couple of decades, after all!).

ANYWAY. it was just a frustrating evening. so this morning, i went and bought myself a bunch of pens. some people eat too much, others seek solace in alcohol — i buy pens.

and then apparently i blog about it. what can i say?

what i really wanted
although what i really wanted was this:

southward stop shirtdress, by maeve
i went for pens instead for two reasons:

✔ i have decided that i really want to go through my wardrobe with a critical eye before i buy anything for fall, and then go about my shopping strategically. i think my closet is turning into a collection of random ‘finds’ that don’t go together that well and aren’t always the most practical. i think i will see if my sister will serve as official consultant to help me figure out what to keep, what to throw away, and what actually makes sense to shop for – and when i do, of course i’ll write about it!

✔ i want this to happen, and when it does, i guess i’ll (temporarily, or at least i hope that will be the case) need a whole new wardrobe. so perhaps buying yet another fitted shirtdress probably isn’t the smartest move? as much as i hate to admit it, probably not.

it really is pretty, though.



workout: rest day

cop-out: i could have easily cooked yesterday, but i just.didn’ rather than berate myself (because what’s the point?) i am going to be okay with the fact that i ordered relatively healthy and cost-effective takeout from red lotus.

i’m sure there was more oil used in this shrimp with ginger sauce and tofu buddha delight than i would cook with at home. but there were vegetables aplenty, and red lotus has brown rice, which i appreciate.

studying: yes, it’s official — i am behind in my board prep plan. maybe my new pens will help motivate!?