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August 19, 2010

link ♥
i’m glad a bunch of you enjoyed yesterday’s little if i had an extra hour . . . exercise. two commenters wrote that they posted their own — love it! here they are:

acceptance.energy.happiness mentioned spending time poring over wedding magazines. is it sad that i’d LOVE to do that too even though my wedding was >4 years ago?

benanna gets married fantasized about taking baking/cake decorating classes. such a cool idea! i actually remember my mother going to cake decorating classes waaaaay back when (we’re talking 1980s). anna, i hope you find a way to fit this in even without a year off.

i also saw that alycia (check out her site — and also, how gorgeous is she!??) posted a lovely recap of the presentation i did with kath and morgan! she summed it up very nicely (and far less long-windedly) than i ever could.

processing of the videos is still ongoing, but heather asked for links to our slides to be compiled on one website, so here is ours (hoping this works, since i’m not exactly the tech-savvyest blogger out there):

HLS time management & organization
and, speaking of heather (and link ♥), she wrote a fantastic and clearly heartfelt post yesterday that was perhaps the absolute counterpoint to mine: tips to avoid a downward spiral to the dark side. struggling with finding a job (and some HLS-withdrawal blues?), she wrote a pump-up post about ways to pick yourself up when you have TOO much time on your hands. i do agree that both sides of the coin can be challenging! if only we could trade a few hours back and forth . . .

lime, basil, and scrubs
last night i went to dinner with josh and his surgery teammates! as a chief this year, he is doing his best to inject a little FUN into the long hours and intensity that inevitably goes along with surgery residency. (although learning that he found time just yesterday to watch sir mix-a-lot videos and perform some sort of throwback dance to mc hammer yesterday DOES make me wonder about what he really does for all of those hours spent at work . . . kidding, babe).

to be honest, i was going to leave my camera at home. sometimes josh is just not so into my restaurant photography antics, and this was HIS team dinner, after all. but to my surprise he actually encouraged me to bring my powershot S90 along with me! as it turns out, his team reads my blog together and several of them wanted to be on it (!!). i didn’t have the heart to tell them that hollywood scouts do not tend to frequent this site, much to my dismay.

however, maybe that will change when this picture of two beautiful ladies in scrubs (3rd year krista + 1st year hayden) goes up today. you never know! i think they would make rather spicy (and authentic!) additions to the grey’s anatomy cast.

we all met up at lime & basil, a casual vietnamese joint on franklin street. they are famous for pho — more of a winter dish, since it was still ~90 degrees when we went out! but the restaurant was fairly full nonetheless.

approaching from franklin street
josh got the very first snapshot (a dining-out tradition).

then, a rush of food photography (and delicious eats) ensued:

i think this beer is thai? close enough, i guess.
i thought the lighting was quite flattering to these pretty summer rolls:

go-to favorite at any remotely asian-cuisine establishment
despite the summer weather, krista ordered pho. here is her bowl before she dumped half a bottle of sriracha “rooster sauce” on top:

PHO-tography . . . get it? though i learned it’s correctly pronounced “fuh”, as we verified with the wait staff.
somehow my beer + summer roll combo filled me up to an extent that i didn’t make much of a dent in my entree:

lemongrass tofu stirfry that i am already looking forward to eating for lunch
josh ordered seasoned pork, which i think he enjoyed.

they certainly do not skimp on the meat.
(TWSS, right?)

there were a few others at the dinner, but they didn’t look quite as gleeful when i mentioned putting their faces up on the web so i will leave them anonymous for now. camera-shyness aside, it was a great and fun group though!

to the UNC surgeons reading this today (i know, you have all already been at work for hours by this point and could definitely teach me a thing or two about time management) — have a fabulous day! may all broviacs stay in place and the consult pager remain silent.



workout: nada

board prep: 15 PREP questions. the test is 2 months away! i’m starting to get nervous.


  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    how about putting up a prep question on line and see how we all do?

  • Reply da March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Yep, Singha is a Thai beer! It goes great with Thai food! L, da

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