cville saturday

October 23, 2010

10k — check!
i am eagerly awaiting the beautiful race pics taken by matt. . . look for them in tomorrow’s post! we are in cville, having just ran a lovely 10K with fast and fabulous BLENDS (josh’s new favorite word).

josh has declared that he ‘hates healthy living’, yet managed to pull a ~7:30/mi 10K “out of his butt” (his colorful language, not mine). however, he plans on canceling it out with copious beer and fried food consumption later on today.

we did get our start at our traditional pre-race charlottesville destination:

yeah, it was early.
the first (and last) mcD’s endorsement you are likely to see on this blog
the race itself went fairly well – while i had no intentions of truly racing, i got caught up in the moment and finished right behind my blends in just over 51 minutes. this is over 2 minutes slower than the only other 10K i have run (last thanksgiving), but it was also a lot hillier, and i am not in the racing shape i was then. with no speedwork or taper — i’ll take it.

off to play with the aforementioned ladies, plus so excited to reunite with miss allie + heather! work is completely NOT on my mind and i am really enjoying the break.

happy saturday!

PS: vickie, being here without you feels wrong. i miss you terribly! i will give them my best at rock, paper, scissors.

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  • Reply Michelle @ Chasing Ambulances March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Awesome time on your 10k! That IS fast 🙂

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