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November 5, 2010

on my own, part 2
bolstered a bit by your comments and support, i’m starting to get into week of solitude. the timing actually worked out pretty well, as i was a bit stressed heading into this month and some time alone is helpful because:

a) i can take time to breathe and think about what i have to get done (and my abilities to do it!) without a sounding board for my complaints. believe it or not, with no one to listen, i’m less likely to complain in the first place, and this helps me to view things in a more positive light overall. something to think about the next time i try to unleash a massive post-work bottle of whine with dinner.

b) i can get more done without feeling guilty for being such a shut-in/nerd. um, yay?

click to enlarge if desired
speaking of my grant, i decided to make use of the above monthly calendar page in my new journal J by devoting it to project planning specific to the grant. since every month comes with its own challenges and big projects, i think i will use this section to map out my strategies on the more intimidating, high-priority items in my life. i think this will help to remove some of the panic factor and ultimately lead to better and more pleasant productivity.

in line with the recent zen habits post on procrastination, this method will help take the fear/dread out of the equation and will provide a realistic set of goal for my “future self” (see his post for details!).

fashion friday: the short version
this flies completely in the face of the declaration of my wardrobe imbalance issue, but i kindasortareally want this little number, in black:

look back dress by sparrow, $148

if it is anywhere as elegant on me as it is on her, i will succumb.
after all, my colorful collection of frocks IS fairly summery. whatever will i wear to holiday parties and gatherings if i DON’T have this dress? my wardrobe gap may widen, but i think i would wear this baby to death. i may go to the store see if it is as ravishing in real life this weekend — and i’ll keep you updated!

public service announcement
penelope loves lists is one of my favorite sites, and yesterday’s simple post (“assignment: unsubscribe to unwanted emails”) is one of many reasons why.

immediately after reading her suggestion, i zealously dove into my trash folder and unsubscribed from about 20 retailers, and i’m not going to stop until i reach inbox peace! rather than her method of unsubscribing to 10 each day, i am just going to do it instantly as they come in – that way i only have to see them once. hopefully, this will become less and less of a chore as i get off of all of those lists!

if you are as annoyed by the random ‘sale!’ emails popping up in your inbox every 3 seconds as i am, you can do the same thing. i know it seems obvious, but it just wasn’t to me, so i thought i would share miss penelope‘s empowerment.



workout: 5 miles with 3 x 800m @ 7:30/mi on the treadmill, 0.5% incline. um, i haven’t done speedwork in forever, and MY BODY COULD TELL. i am sad to admit how hard this was, but at least i got it done. hopefully i will begin to get used to having some speed again eventually!

dinner for one: i do love to cook, but there is something nice about just taking a break every once in a while. this week poses the perfect opportunity to enjoy simple meals — even if some of them may come out of a box!

with desperate housewives in the background, i enjoyed this mediterranean pizza from american flatbread along with some local arugula and yellow grape tomatoes (dressed in an old standard, annie’s light honey mustard vinaigrette). perhaps not the most glamorous of evenings, but it worked.


  • Reply Jimjamjenny March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    This post inspired me to unsubscribe from the few mailing lists that I do belong to. No longer will I feel disappointed when I see my inbox has a few messages, only to realise that none of them are about anything I care about. Thank you!

    Also, that dress looks gorgeous!
    And I don&#39t think I&#39ve commented here before, so hi!

  • Reply Susan March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    I&#39ve actually been unsubscribing to mailing lists throughout the week! I get so much junk…and it gets my hopes up that I&#39m getting REAL email, when the turth is I&#39m not.

  • Reply Kristina March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    This may have been addressed in other posts/replies, but I actually see time alone from my partner as a time to really just focus on myself. It&#39s really selfish, but not in a negative way. For instance, I watch movies that I want to see and that he wouldn&#39t be so psyched about and I eat meals that maybe we wouldn&#39t eat together (my penchant for Trader Joe&#39s Indian food comes through).
    Finally, I&#39m always super excited when we are &#39reunited&#39. Kind of like that really bad 70&#39s song.

  • Reply Chelsea March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    I&#39ve unsubscribed from most mailing lists, but there&#39s a few that are a little less high tech and don&#39t have an unsubscribe so I can&#39t get rid of them (no response to "reply"). I don&#39t know why I got e-mails about the Albuquerque Hopfest back then, and I really don&#39t need them now.

  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    guess who has an empty nest?

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