welcome to november

November 1, 2010

it’s going to be quite a month

i can’t believe 2010 is this close to over . . .
at least for me. october turned out to be fun and relaxing, for the most part. i had dedicated research time, and could even work from home most days! we traveled to two ‘villes’: louis + charlottes. i did take my boards (oddly enough i actually forgot about that already!), so i guess that’s something. finally, i was only on call for 3 nights the entire month!

i also did a media cleanse and read 168 hours, both activities which convinced me that i need to focus better and spend less time on the internet.

and that brings us to november. i will be back on service and back to full days in the hospital. at the same time, i have to finish the majority of the rather monstrous NRSA application. josh will be taking a weeklong trip abroad (!), and we will be visiting both families for thanksgiving. in short, i think i am going to be very busy and that the days are going to fly by all too quickly. essentially . . .

this is going to be a month for kicking ass + taking names.
i hereby vow to
♥ work on finding the best focus that i can — after all, leo babauta says it’s this easy:

♥ make an effort to get enough rest amidst the madness

♥ enjoy time with family + friends no matter what

♥ have fun with it, the best that i can

after all, there is a satisfaction that comes with working hard (at least up to a point — residency regularly pushed that boundary). i am ready to dig deep this month and will hopefully head into december still smiling.

journal J teaser
i made the transition! after all, for my month of kicking ass + taking names (to be abbreviated to KA+TN from this point on . . .), i need to be highly organized.

weekly view
standard weekly plans at the bottom of the opposite page
not sure how i will use the rest of this lovely real estate yet!
other odds + ends
1. thank you all for your extremely wise words on yesterday’s post. i am taking your advice to heart and will try to stop micromanaging things that are beyond my control, while embracing the fact that i can still enjoy things like this:

just the thing to wash down my sashimi, lunch meat, and raw milk cheese sandwich. ha!

2. i wanted to share this awesome thrown-together fall salad i enjoyed after my long run yesterday:

mixed greens, apples, grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, pecans, and leftover roasted brussels with a maple-cider vinaigrette
3. josh and i were lazy and did not dress up for halloween, but we did hand out candy. for the first time in years, we were overrun with trick-or-treaters! in fact, within an hour, the fun-sized butterfingers and peanut butter m&ms that i bought were gone.

it worked out because we still got to hand out to the littlest + cutest kids who came early! next year i’ll buy more.

4. public service announcement: don’t forget to vote tomorrow!



workout: 10ish miles that were incredibly slow — i think 9:35-9:45/mi pace!? (i need to recalibrate my footpod to get more exact times). i felt like i was plodding, but still enjoyed the workout.

real simple salmon: we enjoyed this very easy recipe for salmon with potato salad.



i used spinach rather than the fancy cress they recommended, and horseradish mustard instead of straight horseradish. their photo makes mine look like an eyesore, but taste-wise it still worked! now that i’m onto week four, i’m contemplating my next cooking endeavor. suggestions are welcome 🙂


  • Reply Angeliki Bogosian March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    We had no trick or treaters this year 🙁 and apparently none of my work colleagues had any either. On the bright side our kitchen in the office is now full of mars bars, malteses and m&m&#39s!

    Happy November everyone!

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    I really, really can&#39t believe the year is this close to ending, either! I would like to tell you thank you again for all your comments on prioritizing and making the most of the time you have. I am still a wicked procrastinator, but you always make me feel comforted about the fact that when I have to, I can set my mind to it, and get done anything I need to. 🙂 Happy November!

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