2010 highlights

December 23, 2010

another year gone by
is it me, or does time seem to be going faster and faster these days?! yeesh. i have greatly enjoyed reading the recaps on some of your blogs, so i thought it would be fun to do one for this year! a SHUbox highlight reel of sorts . . .

1.1 2010 begins! with a slew of resolutions and a planner i didn’t end up using. it was certainly nice to look at, though.

1.3 the SHU box is born (and lostandallalone/ghost world is no more).

1.17 niece #3 maelie was born, AND i get to meet ciaran for the first time! definitely a noteworthy day.

2.21 a winter slump, interrupted by a night with two of my favorite bloggers!

3.9 i become a real healthy lifestyle blogger for a week, documenting every mouthful. an interesting experience!

3.18 i survive my senior talk on growth hormone

3.20 + 3.27 tobacco road half and my first (and only) sub-23 5K.

4.2 i read (and get excited about) the happiness project and have an ecstatic fit when gretchen rubin comments on (and then graciously links to!) my blog.

4.23 blog house party v. 1.0 was a success! (recently, #2 was lots of fun as well).

4.29 we finally get the news we had been stressing about for months: josh was offered a spot at duke for a vascular surgery fellowship beginning in 2011!

4.30 boston trip! emily’s bachelorette was celebrated in style.

5.16 and 5.31 two memorable weddings! congratulations again, emily/andrew + melissa/noah!

6.1 relaxing in exotic st. maarten. we had fun once we got over the culture shock!

6.15 i open up about our desire for a baby (and recently, i elaborate some more). while i did not get pregnant in ’10, i have high hopes for 2011!

7.1 i finished residency in pediatrics and started my fellowship in pediatric endocrinology. DEFINITELY a welcomed transition!

8.12-14 HLS getaway in chicago — so much fun!

with roommates meg, allie, and diana
this year was extra special because i got to be part of one of the presentations, with kath + morgan.

[you can still watch it online here]

8.21 homemade 1 (or 2) mile race.

9.5 my parents visited, and we all hiked (and ate) our way around the triangle.

9.15 you all blew me away by coming out of the woodwork to introduce yourselves one lovely morning!

9.20 i finally find the pen of my dreams. (what, the little things are important, too!)

10.3 a much-appreciated little couples escape to wilmington, just because.

10.15 another influential book inspires a 5-day media cleanse.

10.17 kentucky wedding — arriving back the night before the pediatrics boards! (i’m happy to report that this scheme did not backfire — i passed!)

10.24 cville celebration! it’s not every weekend that i get to run a 10K and sip wine with some of my best blends.

11.24 thanksgiving week in philadelphia AND miami.

12.7 giant, stress-inducing grant project — submitted!


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