up for the challenge

December 18, 2010

numbers game

s: 15.

j: 10.

s: 14!

j: 2 miles. really, you should just run 2 miles.

s: 2 miles is not a run. that is a warm-up.

j: you’re an exerholic.

s: 14!

j: [sigh].

first of all, i’m not sure ‘exerholic’ is a word. second of all, i respectfully disagree with the sentiment. take this week’s workout plans:

yes, the dash next to yesterday’s session means that it did not come to fruition
let’s take a look at my little plan compared with the exercise guidelines recommended by the U.S. government (perhaps not the place one would logically turn to for this sort of advice considering the state of our nation’s health, but it’s where i live, so whatever.)

excluding the run i didn’t do, this week’s activities will have consisted of:

✔ 210 minutes of vigorous activity (i think running/elliptical would be in this category)
✔ 50 minutes of moderate activity (yoga + weights)

while this is more than the bare minimum recommended, i don’t think anyone would classify my routine as excessive.

however, i suppose josh is right in that i am having trouble letting go of even the idea of starting several days of the week out with a run, and that in itself makes it a bit of an addiction (but better endorphins than crack, right!?). and the thought of losing my beloved weekend long run ritual? bah. it just makes me want to stamp my foot and cry out like the baby we might have right now if my ovaries weren’t so lame.

coming to a conclusion
i really, really, REALLY appreciate all of the advice and experiences you all shared in yesterday’s comments, and i think i have (begrudgingly) come to the conclusion that it is worth trying to ramp my workouts down even more to see if it helps.

several of you (and josh!) suggested yoga to fill the void, and i think that is definitely something i will explore. i still haven’t decided on a mileage limit, but i think it will be in the 10-15 miles/week range. it’s so funny — yesterday, i was reading about the spring races others are already starting to plan for, and it was a bit torturous! i feel like the challenge of NOT running, for me, is ten times more difficult than beginning a new half or full marathon training plan.

but if there’s anything i’m up for, it’s a challenge! there will be many opportunities to train for races in the years to come. and completing this challenge will yield something far more important than a new PR or finisher’s medal. or at least, i hope so.

apt therapy: a day behind!
i may have missed completing yesterday’s 20/20 assignment (thank YOU, 4:20 pm NICU consult #$*@&#!). luckily, it’s an easy one to make up today (no scrubbing involved): buy or replenish one eco-friendly cleaning product!

i have to admit we are late to the green cleaning party. every time i get dizzy and lightheaded while cleaning the shower, i think to myself that perhaps i should search for a product that is a little less . . .toxic. but honestly, i don’t clean the bathroom that often (such is life), and i get caught in the old patterns of buying BLEACH-y chemical badness because it seems like it’s sporadic enough not to matter much.

but these things do add up, and i haven’t even given the gentler more environmentally-friendly products a chance! this assignment has inspired me to restock our cleaning supply cabinet with more responsible choices. i am going to hit the store armed with recommendations from good housekeeping as well as apartment therapy itself!

just a few of the brands that have come up:

method: good prices + pretty designs
seventh generation‘s toilet cleaner has gotten multiple accolades
mrs. meyers is known for her pleasing scents
as always, i would love to hear any recommendations that you all may have! anyone have any good (or bad) experiences to share with using environmentally-friendly cleaning products?

heading out
for what may be my last long(ish) run for a long time. it’s chilly out there!

maybe the unpleasant conditions will make me feel better about leaving my beloved tradition behind . . . for a while.