2 weeks in

January 14, 2011

14-day status update
how’s your 2011 going?

mine has been pretty good so far; after all, i’m well-rested, healthy, and about to embark on a 3-day weekend! however, i have to admit that my resolutions? um, yeah . . . that part is just not going quite as swimmingly. i feel like my mind has not yet gotten out of vacation mode — and the snow days certainly haven’t helped!

two of my favorite bloggers recently wrote about self-care, a concept i agree is truly important. sometimes it’s just necessary to take a step back and relax, no matter what the schedule says! but as allie recently remarked (girl is wise beyond her years!): “I tried making the excuse that I was listening to my body but I soon realized I was just being a lazy bum.”

there’s a blurry line there, i realize. but lately, i think i’ve been crossing it!

going to bed early + sleeping 9 hoursself-care
skipping out on yoga to lie on the couch watching desperate housewiveslazy
a quiet evening at home readingself-care
making dinner from a box even though i got home at 5 and skipped out on yogalazy

of course, these are debatable, but i feel like i’ve been hanging out over on the lazy bum side of things for the past several days, and i’m ready to get out of my rut. i guess maybe i need another do-over!

so how ’bout those resolutions?
for accountability’s sake, here’s my 2-week status report:

#1: studying every weekday for 30 minutes on days that i arrive home prior to 6:30. i started off well, but honestly i’ve fallen off the wagon (to some degree) already. HOWEVER: i’m getting back on! we have an in-training exam in march, and perhaps i need to use this as a motivator. i think i will whip out the content specifications and make a list of topics to review, so that i am feeling less aimless when it’s time to hit the books.

#2: workout reform. while i’m not exactly gushing about how much i love this change in my weekly workouts, i’ve been sticking to my 10 mi/week limit and have been going to yoga enough to start feeling less like an imposter and more like . . . well, someone who goes to yoga. i skipped out on the class i had planned to attend this week, which was a mistake! yoga IS self-care. i am looking forward to another andrea m class this weekend!

#3: get out and DO things! i think i’ve done pretty well with this one, even if we haven’t gotten too wild and crazy just yet. this 3-day weekend will be another opportunity to find some fun and interesting things to do, and i’m looking forward to it.

#4: see a prenatal RD + work on eating to conceive. does heather’s post count? probably not, but her advice was a great start (thank you again, heather!). i actually have tried calling the RD that was recommended to me several times, but have not heard back (weird!). i guess perhaps i will need to try a different one. i will say that i feel like i’ve been eating a LOT lately; i’m fine with that but would like to make sure that the majority of it is healthy/nutrient-rich (as opposed to, say, martha cookies . . .hypothetically speaking, of course.)

#5: participate in a service project i have actually made some headway on this one! i volunteered at a nursery school the other day, and will be pitching a child health-focused program to one of the local grocery store chains. i’m also starting to rally troops for this year’s great human race — we will be again fundraising for the wonderful cause reach out & read. (no, i won’t be defending my age-group title this year — but at least a slow 5K fits into my training allowance!)

#6: slow down and relax. let’s just say i’ve got my work cut out for me here. this topic deserves its own post! however, i know that every day is a chance to work on this (very important) goal. i will try to remember that each morning.

how are your resolutions going? i think 2 weeks is a good time to review and troubleshoot — after all, there are 50 more weeks left in the year to work out the kinks!

guest post!!
i wrote my 2nd ever guest post for priyanka at the healthy diary — you can read my top 5 rules for getting organized here!

(i need to follow my own advice — particularly rule #2)



workout: 30 minutes @ 9:13/mi pace (3.2 mi) on the TM, 0.5% incline

cop-out dinner: at least my dinner from a box sort of LOOKED homemade:

the magic of adding a little green
this whole foods brand tofu pad thai wasn’t half bad! but i really could have cooked, though.

reading: i came back from my first day in lab a little stunned (it’s so weird to feel like i’m starting from scratch again) and couldn’t bring myself to crack open the books. i think i’ll do better once i put a more specific plan into place!


  • Reply Angeliki March 10, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    Good work with your resolutions Sarah!

    I have to be careful with the "listening to my body" excuse as well. I&#39m always feeling tired and always want to take naps but sleeping all day is not very good for me 🙂

  • Reply Lisa March 10, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    I&#39m a huge believer in self-care being essential to health.
    I just recently attended a mind-body skills training, where the theme seems to be "self-care is the new healthcare."
    In many ways, this should be true!

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