just another work in progress

January 25, 2011

don’t be fooled
some of you (ahem) seem to think that i have completely figured out this whole productivity thing, to the point where my life runs like a well-oiled machine. while i’m (insanely!) flattered, i want to make one thing abundantly clear:

often i do NOT reach all of my goals.
sure, some days i’ve got it! but other times, my motivation wanes just like anyone else’s, and i abandon my lofty plans to study/organize/not surf the internet.

i will say that there is one thing that often separates the tasks i do not tend to miss from those that go by the wayside. probably to no one’s surprise, it’s this:

i have been finding it challenging to meet my 2011 goal of reading for at least 30 minutes after work on days that i arrive home prior to 6:30. sometimes i come home cranky and tired (i’m a morning person, not an evening, mmmmkay?) and the last thing i want to do is crack open my sperling to read about prolactinomas or delayed puberty.

since i’ve been struggling, i finally decided to add some personal accountability in the form of a list. akin to ben franklin/gretchen rubin’s famous resolution charts, i truly believe that this simple tool will help!

yesterday, laurie of the corner slice used the term intentional living to describe my strategy — i really liked that. she also posted her new planning system (similar to mine!) using her new space 24. here’s to the power of paper as it helps to fuel us both throughout the year!

RD today
today is my long-awaited RD appointment. i have no idea what to expect and am almost a little nervous! i kept track of my intake (roughly) for the past 3 days as i figured that would help give her an idea of my current nutritional status.

i’ll share my experiences — and her recommendations — with you all tomorrow!

money matters
i loved reading your comments on yesterday’s budget-based post (side note: looks like IntenseDebate worked wonderfully! yay!). this weekend, i’ll take a closer look at the recommended programs and resources. i may just start with my simple method, but i can see how a more sophisticated program like mint could be very helpful.

also, i love how both allie and my MOM wrote me wondering (anxiously, in the latter case) about that anthro budget of $1000/month. i had written “$1,000,000” and it was a joke. although: i wish!

cost of this entire outfit: $761
not in this lifetime.



workout: 30 minute run (9:13/mi pace, 0.5% incline, 3.25 mi) + weights
– 2 x 9 pull-ups (60 lbs assist)
– 2 x 12 squats (10 lbs weight each hand)
– 2 x 10 lateral/forward raises in lunge (6 lbs)
– 2 x 12 walking double lunges (9 lbs each hand)
– 2 x 10 seated rows (50 lbs)
– 2 x 12 plank/tucks on ball

in need of some ideas
all right, i was enjoying our monday night frozen pizza + salad tradition, but i have to say it’s getting a little tired.

amy’s spinach pizza + salad with cucumbers, celery, feta, and walnuts
we have our department meeting and then endocrine grand rounds on monday, so it’s always a long day — i almost always get home a little bit before 7. translation: i am so not up to cooking anything real.

however, there have to be some equally delicious heat + eat options that some of you have discovered! i’d welcome any SUPER easy and fast meal ideas. generally i am all about cooking from whole ingredients, but i am open to pre-fab/frozen on this one night a week.