laziness: CHECK!

January 31, 2011

seriously, you all
well, that was the laziest weekend i’ve had in a while. i think i spent >60% of it horizontal, taking into account two marathon sleep sessions and copious movie/TV/reading time. being sort of (but only very mildly) sick was probably a blessing in disguise, because not only did i enjoy some serious downtime, but i didn’t even feel terribly guilty about it.

skeptical that i managed to s-l-o-w it down for once? here’s proof . . .

media consumed:
✔ 4 episodes of gilmore girls
✔ 1 episode of scrubs
the curious case of benjamin button (meh!)
✔ the rest of hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world (weird, but good!)
the social network (liked it!)

definitely an enjoyable and thought-provoking film — i recommend!
✔ approximately 5 gazillion blogs and facebook pages (including my new one! speaking of which, what should i put on there, anyway?)

that, my friends, is a lot of screen time. good thing this was definitely an atypical weekend!

the other 40%
somehow i managed to squeeze in a few other activities in the midst of this media-mania. i did the laundry (major triumph). i made this tasty wrap for lunch yesterday:

smoked salmon, spinach, cheddar, and ginger dressing = better than it sounds!
i checked the weather for our upcoming trip and wrote out a packing list:

ha, as if!
perfect: let’s get that storm out of the way before our arrival.
day-by-day outfit planning is a must!

RD update
i also continued tracking my nutrition, per my RD‘s instructions. while i have not been exact about measuring every last item, i think i’ve done a fairly decent job estimating.

the following trends seem to have emerged:

✰ i may be headed for kwashiorkor. okay, not really. but my protein intake is nowhere near the amount she recommended for me.

✰ i am a carb-o-holic. (less of a surprise.)

so far, i have to admit that i don’t think i’ve done anything differently than i would have based on the guidelines i was given. however, i have been a little bit more aware of my own patterns, which i suppose is the first step!



workout: nada. laziest weekend ever, remember?

carbfest 2011: for years, josh has commented “i want to try that place!” nearly every time we drove by trilussa la trattoria. and i have always gently reminded him that the reviews of the place are sort of middling, and then we go elsewhere.

until last night. josh was so sick last week that i just couldn’t deny him. and so we found ourselves in a cozy corner of this southern italian eatery that also kind of looked like disney world.

classic old-world menus
i can’t complain too much, though. the bread was fluffy:

and the house wine was plentiful.

quintessential table shot!
plus, my date was pretty cute:

josh + his zuppe
and we had lots to talk about, having just seen the social network. for dinner, i ordered the linguini with pesto. ie: plate o’ refined carbs + fat

if pasta is wrong, then i don’t want to be right
josh had a more balanced dish of rigatoni with chicken, prosciutto, and vegetables in a creamy sauce.

overall, i did not love this restaurant (better choices for italian: pop’s, il palio ($$), or even 411 west) but it was a pleasant evening.

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