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January 27, 2011

well, good morning!
i slept in this AM because i have big plans for the evening:

something like that: girl talk in raleigh tonight! [source]
it should be a memorable experience, if nothing else. it got me thinking — i need to be on the lookout for concerts more often! i love live music, and since i happen to be childless and without crazy work hours, now is the time. this certainly fits with resolution #3, too.

i went onto pollstar, a site that lists events by city/venue/artist/date, depending on your preference and entered “raleigh, NC” (since i checked off the box, this also included surrounding areas like chapel hill + carrboro).

i was thrilled to find the following:

but then very dismayed to see that the show was WAY sold out. however, i did learn that sharon van etten (a new discovery thanks to sound opinions) playing on 3/11 at cat’s cradle, and i’m definitely considering it!

most memorable concerts
this all got me thinking about the most memorable concert events i’ve been to. this is always such a fun topic at parties, because you find out that your friend’s first show was michael jackson in the ’80s with his dad (or something equally awesome).

barenaked ladies, 1994 or 5. you can stop laughing now! i was enamored with this group in high school and this was my very first concert ever. i was too young to drive so i remember being picked up by my parents. (by the way: this was a lot harder to orchestrate before the cell phone era!)

alanis morisette + tori amos, 1998. this event was memorable because . . . my sister and i never made it to the venue — we got lost and couldn’t figure out how to get there, finally giving up after walking around some seedy areas (who knew philadelphia had a red-light district?). we also kept our misadventures secret from our parents and anyone who asked us about the event! ha.

radiohead, 2000. this event was held outdoors in montreal shortly after kid A and amnesiac came out. i remember being SO swept up into the moment rocking out to the totally new sound. i LOVED every minute of it.

still a masterpiece in my opinion
rufus wainwright, 2001 in . . albany, i think? this was memorable because the auditorium was a giant egg, and because rufus was wonderful and i remember him signing autographs after the show, glistening with sweat and exuding fabulousness.

lady gaga, 2009! yes, josh and i went on a road trip SPECIFICALLY to incorporate this show in richmond, VA.

yes, i took this picture!
it. was. awesome.

decemberists, 2009 (i think). another show that just captivated me. i loved how they did the entire hazards of love from start to finish. i’d love to see them again although i have to admit the new album hasn’t quite won me over yet.

ben folds: i had to include mr. folds on here because i’ve probably seen him the most times out of anyone! even though i’ve sort of moved on taste-wise, i still have a soft spot in my heart for this guy (and his voice). and he puts on a great concert. i would go see him again, and i’m still mad i missed this a couple years back.

other notable acts that come to mind:
✔ dave matthews band, during the high school years (of course)
✔ the indigo girls! girl power.
✔ the apples in stereo. kind of a letdown, actually!
✔ belle & sebatian.
✔ james taylor (on the lawn in the berkshires). nice until the thunderstorm hit!
✔ andrew bird.
✔ death cab for cutie + franz ferdinand (combo event)
✔ aimee mann (x3-4?) and ingrid michaelson (x2)

groups i’d LOVE to see live someday
a wishlist of sorts!

sigur ros
the arcade fire
rilo kiley/jenny lewis
sufjan stevens
vampire weekend
the shins
thao nguyen

your turn
trust me, this is a fun memory trip to go on! i’d love to hear:

— your most memorable show:
— a group on your musical wish-list
— if anyone has best coast tickets for this weekend they want to sell (kidding. kind of.)



workout: 30 minute run outside in CH (somewhere around 3.25 mi probably – no watch!)

dinner was with the 2 other endo fellows at guglhupf. (it was lovely, as always.)

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