the RD experience

January 26, 2011

first, a note
i’d like to share most of the details from this appointment, because i know that personally i’ve always been curious what an RD visit entails, and i know that if it were on someone else’s blog, i’d want to read about it. furthermore, i’ve received several emails from other women also experiencing technical difficulties TTC, and i think that for some, hearing about my experiences thus far could be helpful.

that said, i just wanted to note that in the next section, i’m going to delve into some of the details, which includes some discussion of things like kcalories and BMI. and i know that there are some people out there who really try to avoid reading about those types of things. as charlotte pointed out just this morning (i LOVE this woman’s insights, btw), a fixation on numbers can lead to comparisons and obsession, and therefore it makes sense for some to try to stay away. so please: if that is the case for you, just skip this post! you can always