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January 19, 2011

not much to report
hmmm. believe it or not, i feel like i don’t have much to say this morning.

lab ➜ doing okay. i am trying to accept that it will be a while before i know what i’m doing!

yoga ➜ doing fine. i went to a class last night that was half power/vinyasa and half yin stretching. it was fun until i toppled backwards out of my headstand, which was somewhat embarrassing.

not me. SO not me.[source]
(question for the yogis: i realized that i can do headstands only in the tripod version. it brings me back to those young gymnastics days, but i want to do this kind, which seems more legit. any tips!?)

budgeting ➜ didn’t happen.

but it counts as saving money if they are on SALE, no?

link love
i don’t do this often enough! here are some (very) recent posts that made me smile:

shelby, you are awesome. i am thrilled to be immortalized forever in PAINT! thank you.

zen habits on work-life balance. i like tip #7:

7. Learn that you are not defined by work. You can be happy without your job. Your value isn’t completely tied to your work. For example: I’m a writer but it’s not the only thing I am. I’m also a father and husband and know that those are my most important roles — not my role as a writer. I am more than that as well: I run and read and learn and help others and am constantly experimenting with life. I can do things other than my job and be fulfilled. So can you.

i will try to embrace this tip as well as his others as i acclimate to the lab. while it is not my dream job, that doesn’t mean i can’t enjoy life and be happy during my research years!

anne‘s tips for how to make time for health when you’re busy. her tips are basic, but tried and true! although i could never study while working out. my neurons fizzle out when i sweat to the point where i can only process things like us weekly and jersey shore.

♥ i didn’t quite understand what unclutterer‘s sister site simplifried was doing at first. as if we need another food blog!? however, i get it now: they are offering stripped-down menu-planning tools, complete with meal-by-meal weekly menus + grocery lists. certainly a good place to start if you’ve never meal planned before!



workout: 75 minute power/yin yoga class at blue point. slowly becoming addicted . . .

simple pleasures: evening yoga means arriving home after 7:30 pm. and arriving home after 7:30 pm means pizza.

amy’s 4-cheese pizza with a kath-inspired salad


  • Reply Angeliki March 10, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    It sounds like your yoga classes are going very well. I can&#39t do head stands. In theory, after 2 years of intense yoga practice, I can but I&#39m too scared that my neck will snap or I won&#39t be able to swallow. Maybe if the yoga session has gone really well and I feel relaxed and flexible, I could do a head stand and hold it for a minute or less but otherwise I&#39m very happy with shoulder stands instead.

  • Reply Jenna Puckett March 10, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    did you see the living social deal with Hair Whisper Salon — Haircut and Highlights ($70) or Keratin Smoothing Treatment ($125)?

    Thought you might want to take a look! 50% off on Keratin treatments is a good deal.

    Oh… 8 hours remaining so I hope you look at this tonight!

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