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January 30, 2011

joining the fb revolution
i actually still remember when ‘facebook’ referred to a makeshift paperback containing — well, all of the freshman faces. and i have to admit that by the end of the year, my copy was as carefully annotated as my physics textbook, with vivid descriptors on some individuals and ball-point mustaches and horns scrawled on others.

we did have email and internet while i attended williams, but i don’t recall it being a primary form of communication. nestled in the mountains, we had no cell phone service. you couldn’t get a text about the location of a party (although i do recall doing invites via email); mostly, you just relied on word-of-mouth. discussion sections for our courses were held in old buildings with the snow swirling outside, not online.

i can only imagine how college has changed in the connected age! some schools have apparently even stopped issuing email accounts, which shocked me. everrrrrrryone is on facebook, from your niece in elementary school to your grandma.

i couldn’t fight it any longer!

so i succumbed. now someone please like me so that i can stop feeling like such a dork.

back and forth
while it certainly ruffles some feathers, i have to admit that i think a bit of controversy/argument in the blogworld — particularly within the ‘healthy living’ realm — is a good thing. the community is incredibly supportive overall, but sometimes that can almost get in the way of constructive discussion and debate. i have to admit that while they can sting a little, many of the most valuable comments i have gotten were ones that questioned my own logic or challenged me in some way.

this recent piece of controversy is minor by marie claire debacle standards, but it did pique my interest: texan reese’s runner wrote an honest (and somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as i interpreted it) piece about weight and happiness that clearly struck a chord among many (just look through the comments), to the point where she ended up writing two follow-up posts (here and here) explaining herself.

i actually think my own views lie somewhere in the middle of reese‘s view and the ‘love thyself no matter what!’ protesters. but i appreciate this writer for having the guts to express her true thoughts, much as i support the back-and-forth that ensued in her comments. much like this very recent controversial piece, it made me think. and i believe that’s a good thing!

what do you think — is controversy and debate in the online realm a positive thing, or is it just catty middle-school antics (claws out!)?

sunday musings

☑ all is not right in my body.
☑ i can thank my sick husband for that one. . .
☑ i really want to clean but i’m not sure i have the energy.
☑ i really really hope this clears up before we leave for arizona.
☑ at least i still have gilmore girls . . .

a more substantive post tomorrow — promise!



workout: 47 minute run (~4.9 mi) in shorts (it was 58 degrees!).

even when sick, josh makes a mean omelette

protein, protein, protein! my RD would approve.