AZ adventures continued

February 4, 2011

acknowledge negativity to be happy?
i do, of course, have more vacation tales to tell. but it has been a while (like: a whole month!?) since i’ve mentioned gretchen rubin and the happiness project, so let me first just mention today‘s post, which struck a chord with me.

in it, she writes:

“Mazlish suggest acknowledging the reality of other people’s feelings: instead of denying feelings like anger, irritation, fear, or reluctance, articulate the other person’s point of view. In other words, make people happier by acknowledging that they’re not feeling happy.”

honest confessions time: one reason that i immediately saw truth in this was that yesterday, i ran 3.25 miles at the hotel gym. of course, that in itself shouldn’t be a major downer, but let me tell you — those miles felt HARD, and i felt out of shape. and for me, this goes hand in hand with body image — and frankly, mine sucks lately.

i love my wonderful husband to no end, but he does not seem to want to acknowledge my feelings on these fronts — perhaps he is afraid of validating what he feels like are insane things to be worried about, or he may just actually think that i am insane. but what i want to hear is: “i can tell that you’re down about this stuff, even if i think you’re crazy. but it will be worth it.”

because it will.

true food phoenix
thank you, joellen, for your great recommendations! after our couples massage (heaven), we had a fairly low-key but refreshing lunch at true food kitchen.

cute decor, a vegan-friendly menu, and great lighting (!), this place was a healthy lifestyle blogger’s dream.

they even had multiple sugar-substitute options — pick your (non) poison!

we started with the smoked salmon with greek yogurt and pita chips.

order this! it was incredibly delicious.
i also greatly enjoyed this (protein-packed) salad.

greens, apples, pom seeds, walnuts, goat cheese, butternut squash, and tofu with balsamic vinaigrette
can you guess where we went after lunch?

the original uggs?
raincatcher booties, $348?
wait a second . . .

nope – we did not go to anthro (although i almost dragged josh into lululemon). did i fool anyone!? instead, we checked out the heard museum, which features the art and culture of native americans of the southwest. clearly, there has been some influence on my favorite brand!

was at FnB, and it was wonderful.

the lighting was too dark and the vibe too intimate for pictures, but we loved the experience (at the bar in front of an open kitchen!) and our meals. i think josh is still digesting his rib-eye as i write this.

and with that, we’re off on our last adventures in AZ! ♥

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