February 16, 2011

guest posts
are so much fun. when i write a post that is destined for someone else’s site, i feel like a REAL writer!

previous guest posts:

meal planning for busy schedules, posted on carrots ‘n’ cake in 2009

organization boot camp: 5 rules that may change your life, posted on the healthy diary last month.

and today, you can find my thoughts on time management: the challenge of an unstructured day right here on the fabulous side of sneakers! here’s a sneak preview:

you all know i can’t write a time management post without a planner shot!
since i just spent quite a while this morning on that post, i’m going to cut this one short. Q&A of the day: if you blog, do you often host guest posters? i know there are some bloggers that i’d love to have contribute but [particularly the ‘bigger’ ones], i have to admit i’m a little afraid to ask!



workout: 30 minute run (3.25 mi, 0.5% incline) + yoga class. i went to a power/yin class, which was half vinyasa-style flow and half DEEP stretching (we held half-pigeon for four minutes on EACH SIDE! ouch, but it was good pain.)

mark bittman is famous for a reason.

chicken fried rice with leeks and dried cranberries, a bittman recipe from the jan/feb CL
this recipe was fantastic — both of us loved it. another dinner that has me excited for lunchtime leftovers!