the little things

February 22, 2011

life is made up of little things
yesterday was a good day. i think that a good part of the reason for this is that i woke up and decided it would be.

i did have a little blip of frustration (i got paged so many times during a 3-mile run in the AM that it took an hour!), but redirected myself. and the truth is that i found so many little things in the day to be happy about.

just off of the top of my head . . .

✰ beautiful spring-like weather

✰ time for lunch out (sushi!) with one of my attendings and the two other pediatric endocrine fellows. we were even able to sit outside in the sun!

✰ finishing up with yet another grant draft and a big group of patient follow-ups

✰ a useful teaching session on nephrogenic diabetes insipidus (i can now distinguish bartter’s from gittelman’s!) for today, anyway.

✰ a fabulous yoga class from one of my favorite instructors at blue point (it was staci‘s all-levels class, for the locals). i can’t make it to this class very often because of a conference we usually have, but i love her style — sort of a kinder dave farmar. the highlight was that i think i’m getting close to being able to hold this:

stevo and liv, you would be proud
i may have spent a significant portion of the evening practicing this after i got home. i really love the inversions and balances in yoga — they remind me of when i was little, practicing gymnastics moves all over the house!

furthermore, i’m starting to notice that i am not as tight in the hamstrings as i was when i started. (don’t get me wrong: i’m still not flexible, at. all. but there is a significant improvement!)

✰ rocking out to ke$ha and taylor swift on the way home with the windows open

✰ arriving home to josh in the process of cooking dinner (!!!) (it is a rare night when not only beats me home but also has the energy to get things going.)

nothing on this list is big news. perhaps none of it is even really “blogworthy” (but come on — what isn’t, these days?). but i am happy right now just thinking about it. i can’t say that all of the negative thoughts and preoccupations are out of my head for good, but i’m so glad the tides seem to have shifted.

link luv
about to head to the gym! but first just a couple of link-worthy posts i wanted to mention:

angeliki strikes again with another great post: why do we make to-do lists? i think you can all imagine why i am a fan.

gretchen rubin appreciates the little things, too (this post was extra-special to me because it reminded me of a childhood favorite that i thought was rather obscure: all-of-a-kind family. i think i probably read it 100 times!)

loosen the grip of more stuff is a gentle reminder from small notebook about what really matters. . . and what doesn’t.

♥ yesterday, heather of hangrypants fame set sail on her 40 days to personal revolution journey. i have always admired heather’s honest writing style and heart, and i am really looking forward to hearing what she has to say about this experience.



workout: 30 minute (3.25 mi) run + 90 minute yoga class. uhh, plus lots of variably-successful headstand attempts after i got home!

chef josh did almost all of the work for last night’s dinner. i used wild alaskan cod, which was suggested as an alternative to pollock in this real simple recipe.

cod with avocado and olive relish, carrot purée, and spicy baked blue corn chips
i liked the puréed carrots a lot and told josh it was good practice for making baby food someday.

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