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February 10, 2011

i was at a restaurant
and it was lunchtime. and i ordered some kind of sandwich that definitely had bacon in it. it was good, and then i got up to leave and realized: OMG, I’M SUPPOSED TO BE VEGAN!!! (this week, anyway).

and then i woke up.

approximately 2 hours later than i meant to, because i forgot to set my alarm. um, oops? but whew! due to this little mishap, this post is going to be minimal and my workout is going to be postponed until tonight. but v-week is still going strong! i have to admit that i was relieved.

the psychology of enjoyment
i had in mind this whole post about liking what you’re good at, which amy chua proclaims several times in her book.

her examples center around children and thier music lessons (ie: little johnny will start enjoying the piano when he starts to not suck), but i wonder how this applies to adult learning and the like. i started thinking about this while sitting at lab meeting yesterday — the conversation was SO over my head, and i was miserable while everyone else seemed to be having a grand old time throwing around words like mTOR and two-hybrid and co-IP. i swear, i initially tried to understand/pay attention, but eventually i ended up sitting there fantasizing about having twins, quitting my job, and becoming a freelance writer. for nearly 2 hours. apparently, my imagination is on overdrive lately!

i have to get ready for work, but: what do you think about the idea that people will like what they are good at? will i start to embrace lab if i work hard at learning what’s going on? i will say that there ARE activities that i enjoy that i am not particularly ‘good’ at, like running; however, i will say that i truly got hooked only when i was able to observe my own improvement in the sport.

v-week: day 3
honestly, i think there must be a hormonal explanation for the fact that i ate ALL DAY LONG yesterday! either that, or perhaps the vegan fare hasn’t been QUITE enough to satisfy, and it all caught up to me yesterday?

breakfast does not require discussion

snack #1 eaten a few hours later while finishing up a powerpoint before heading to lab

childhood favorite!

leftover sweet potato/chickpea soup + blue corn chips + veg + tabboli in the laptop
snack #2 post-lab-meeting hunger attack

somehow, the lunch above did not hold me. not enough fat?
snack #3 (i told you i ate all day!)

cereal (mix of pb puffs + kashi heart to heart — both vegan) + almond milk
dinner = favorite vegan meal yet!

heidi swanson’s brown rice sushi bowl, amped up with classic GC tofu
i also made an asian-flavored take on these carrot fries. it worked!

dessert because after all that, i still needed something . . .

purely decadent. finally satisfied!



workout: rest day because i ended up staying in the lab too long to make it to yoga! oh well.

reading: an article related to my lab project (and, oddly enough, perhaps my TTC issues!)

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