the standings

February 18, 2011

conventional wisdom
taking a cue from 24-year-old me, here is today’s version of the classic newsweek “up/down/sideways” feature (do they even still do that anymore? i admit i haven’t seen a copy of that magazine in years).

⬆ early spring!

⬇ NOT training for anything in early spring. really, this one deserves two down arrows and a snarl-y face.

⬅ the new boston qualifying times. it’s not like i was about to hit a 3:40 any minute now, anyway.

⬅ starting call at 5 pm today. i’ve had so little of it over the past several weeks that i really don’t mind! plus, it’s only until monday AM.

⬆ running my first real-time PCR plate in 5 years and sort-of-kind-of having it work!

⬇ not hearing anything about 3 grant applications sitting out there that i am still waiting to find out about. i know that the NIH reviewed mine yesterday AM; i want my priority score already!

⬆ having an otherwise free weekend. call is actually sometimes a recipe for a lot of nice productive time since i feel ‘stuck’ at home, and there are a lot of little things i’d like to get done.

⬇ dreams that are in some way related to TTC. every. freaking. night. i guess it is clear what my subconscious is stuck on.

project simplify from simple mom! i have her organized simplicity book, so this seems like it will be a fun way to put it to use. and since we plan on moving (in just a few months!), i would love to declutter beforehand.

fashion friday: i want to get married again.
of course, i’d pick the same groom. but i can’t say that i’m not wishing just a little bit for a do-over so that i can pick a new dress from the absolutely breathtaking line at BHLDN!

oohs and aaaahs abound
my favorites:
my personal #1! ribboned silk gown, $1600
a close #2: tiered tulip gown, $2400
fairly traditional but not-TOO-bridesmaidy pick: beribboned dress, $200
i always said i’d get awesome shoes for my wedding, but then i didn’t. maybe that means i should get some now! clipped corolla heels, $200
if not for a strict no-flats policy, i would be all over these shimmering lattice skimmers, $240
will be filled with lots of lectures + learning opportunities. i will try to embrace them! and NOT fall asleep.



workout: 3.25 mile run, 9:13/mi pace, 0.5% incline while watching more MTV (top 5 videos + more old-school britney spears!). i didn’t head to yoga after work like i had planned. and now i regret it, since i can’t go all weekend (i don’t think the studio would welcome my pager). note to self: DON’T SKIP YOGA unless there’s a very good reason!

so. not. vegan.: oh man. this meal does not jive with my morals, and yet i went for it anyway. i have no idea where the loop gets their cheese and meat, and i have a feeling the answer ISN’T ‘small organic local farms, duh!’. but i was craving it, and i caved.

does this make me a hypocrite? maybe a little. but aiming for sustainability MOST of the time is still better than ignoring it altogether, right?

happy in our hypocrisy? note the gigantic glasses of wine.
(i didn’t finish all of mine!)

we tried their new tomato bisque pizza, which was pretty delicious.

for the record: josh demolished approximately 75% of this medium pie
it didn’t beat our favorite (the portabello mushroom/pesto/pancetta combo) but was a fun and well-executed idea.

as always: shared gorgonzola walnut salad on the side
yum. a little guilt-inducing (for the above sustainability reasons), but . . . good.