taking requests (again)

February 27, 2011

quickie x 2
just went running in this:

it was hot, but at the s-l-o-w pace we ran, actually not so bad! i wish i could tack a few more days onto this little trip! (instead, we’re already plotting our return to the sunshine state. . .)

while we were running, i was talking to josh about my upcoming 40 days project and some of the goals i would like to achieve. #1 is just to become more present. i’ll elaborate more on specifics next week.

in the meantime: taking requests
i realize that none of you are lying awake at night with wistful thoughts concerning my future post topics. however, i would absolutely love it if you could share any topic ideas that may have randomly crossed your mind, or any burning questions that any of you have for me.

[back when anonymous formspring pages were all the rage, by FAR the #1 question i got was: “are you and josh going to have babies soon?”. now i’ve probably given most of you more than you wanted to know!] so, uhhh . . . anything else?

off to celebrate an 85th birthday, miami-STYLE [translation: WAYYYYYYYY too much food prepared + a pool and lots of sunshine].

preview of my contribution:

yep, they’re pretty much all almond paste! good thing it’s delicious.