February 13, 2011

V2 success!
i was a little nervous going into this little dinner party, because i am certainly NOT an experienced vegan chef. would my guests think the idea was half-baked, or the food lacking in a certain je ne sais quoi?

i’m happy to say that at least from my perspective, it seems like things turned out great, and i had such a fun time! and i think the guests did too . . . see for yourself!

we started some appetizers: angela’s spinach artichoke dip, served with chunks of hearty whole wheat sourdough from whole foods (vegan – i checked!)

we were all having a grand old time talking about the day’s events, and i mentioned the yoga class i had attended. and then this happened . . .

one crow . . .

two crows!

the real yogis (stevo and liv are actually yoga instructors!), giving me a headstand tutorial:

which they followed up with a dazzling display of DOUBLE SCORPION! i can’t believe this went undocumented! so impressive.

josh just watched and played with our [borrowed] dog:

this might be my favorite picture of the year so far.
and after working up an appetite with those inversions, dinner was served!

baked mushroom risotto with caramelized onions + roasted butternut squash salad
the great thing about this risotto recipe is that unlike most risottos, it’s not a stovestop stir-fest! you actually bake it in a dutch oven, and therefore it takes much less attention — perfect for a dinner party. it turned out quite well — perhaps not as creamy as some risottos i have made, but then again there was no actual CREAM in it, which is often an ingredient in non-vegan versions.

later, we moved onto dessert. i was actually the most nervous about this, because the chocolate ganache was made out of silken tofu — would it taste weird?! would it have a gelatinous texture?!

i should have known to just trust mama pea. she clearly knows what she is doing!

two of the men even went for seconds! i would call that a success.

after dessert, much talking and laughing ensued (although no more yoga). eventually both major deegan and josh ended up like this:

i guess that means the party’s over, huh?

such a fun night! thank you, C & L & S & L for a great evening!

vegan week: day 6
i’m not going to post everything i ate yesterday — there was nothing new or exciting, and i think you all are probably tired of seeing pictures of every morsel that passes my lips. but i promise i stuck with the program! just one day to go . . . stay tuned, as tomorrow i will share my thoughts on the experience as well as any future plans.

busy day today

time to get cracking!



workout: the aforementioned yoga class (not a super-intense one — a beginner/intermediate flow) + 42 minute run (from whole foods –> estes community trail and back! it was a lovely route and quite convenient, although MY IPOD IS MISSING which is sort of sad.)