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March 17, 2011

even though i just had a vacation last month, i feel like i already need another one. this has been an off week: two week wait + call + josh away at a conference [he comes back tonight!] has not been a great combination for me. plus, i have some sort of weird injury [costochondritis?] and have been easing off of the yoga, though i’m not sure that’s the right thing to do.

yesterday evening, i was perusing the archives of experience life and came upon this article about a woman on a weeklong work-sponsored retreat. sadly, i am pretty sure the [impoverished . . . seriously, we bleed $$$] department of pediatric endocrinology is not about to send me off on this sort of journey. but it got me to thinking about how cool it would be to do some sort of official travel retreat someday.

taken june 2010 in st. maarten
of course, there’s always the option of waiting and doing it the ‘real’ way with an exotic island jaunt: examples here and here. however, since we sort-of-kind-of already blew our 2011 vacation allowance in arizona last month, a trip like this isn’t in the cards any time soon. plus, i’m not sure i’d be able to convince josh to come along [unless there was a basketball + barbeque retreat running concurrently].

but hey — there’s always the option of a do-it-yourself version! this one-day experience could be scheduled for any weekend day with a much lower price tag:

and this one could be . . . today!

i suppose that in part, it’s all about how we approach life’s usual activities. not rushing, working on maintaining presence, and appreciating each moment for what it is can make any day into a rejuvenating experience. obviously, it’s NOT so easy with all of the distractions and stressors that we encounter each day, but it’s a good place to aim for. my own journey is definitely a work in progress!

in case anyone was wondering . . . i bought the shoes.


workout: 3.25 mile run at the gym. i did 2 miles @ 9:13/mi (0.5% incline), then actually walked 1/4 mile [i know, right!? but i was getting hot and i am really trying NOT to push it in any way on my workouts lest it somehow interfere with my TTC goals], and then i picked it back up to 9:13/mi for the last one.

i can make eggs, too!
i never make eggs. that’s josh’s job! but away at a surgery retreat conference in FL, i was on my own.

i think i managed just fine!
man, i love eggs [especially local ones from our CSA]. i hereby vow to eat more of them.

excavation question to ponder:

how can you enhance the quality of your life through a shift in my attitude? how would situations feel different if you practiced nonreactivity, instead of shifting into an automatic response?

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