lying low

March 11, 2011

[edited to add: i wrote this post before reading about the tragic earthquakes that hit japan and the incredibly scary warnings of impending tsunamis on our own west coast . . . and really, it makes me just want to say “who cares!??” about all of the little things i stress about. so ridiculous by comparison. my heart aches for those who have already lost and while i am not a religious person, i will be praying in my own way for everyone.]

good morning, and happy friday (although this isn’t a ‘typical’ weekend for me – i’m on call!). i have a lot of thoughts circulating in my head right now, but most are negative and none of them seem particularly bloggable at the moment, so i am just going to step back and take a [quasi]break from talking about me for once.

[perhaps some of you will breathe a sigh of relief on this lovely spring morning!]

all in good time
i just need to be more patient about a lot of things.

june 10, huh?
josh’s fortune, but he gave it to me.

link luv
before i go, just a few friday links for your reading pleasure . . .

it gets better from michelle‘s blog. i 100% agree — it really does.

closet cleanouts abound! and i’ll add one more set of pix to the list when i go through my wardrobe this weekend. I WILL SHOW NO MERCY!

how to be alone, a video/poem that i found via one of my favorite blogs, angeliki’s repsych. only in the past few years have i become more comfortable with alone time, and i still have a long way to go.

♥ it’s the little things, right? and the little habits, too. another smart and simple post from leo babauta.



workout: 45 minute yogadownload session featuring dave farmar.

reason #2 why i meal plan
because this happens when i don’t:

although admittedly this takeout from red lotus was delicious

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