morning routine, take 2

March 21, 2011

getting started right
confession: i’ve been falling off of my own AM routine wagon.

this blueprint certainly isn’t bad, but things change. i still get up early, but my workouts typically aren’t as long as they used to be. yet instead of having MORE time to get ready, somehow i have found myself with less.

✔ sometimes it’s because i spend too long reading blogs.

✔ sometimes it’s because i spend too long writing a post.

✔ sometimes it’s because i get caught up in work stuff: checking labs even before i take over the pager to be on call.

one philosophy might be to say, “who cares?” and just head into work a little later. however, i have found that this often leads to a rushing mentality that bleeds into the rest of the workday. if i start with enough time to get organized and really plot out my attack on the workday, the entire day tends to go more smoothly. i am less likely to be derailed by a new diabetic in the ED [quite a common event in my line of work].

so beginning with today, i am going to bring a some structure back into my morning routine.

AM schedule
5:00 wake up + meditate [5 minutes or more]

5:15 make breakfast + pack lunch

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