week 2 begins

March 8, 2011

7 days down
i have to admit, despite my energetic post yesterday, week 1 ended with a whimper:

✘ i came home from work incredibly tired after grand rounds (ummm . . . my own fault; i got up at 4 to finish my presentation!)
✘ i skipped my evening yoga session.
✘ i skipped meditating.
✘ i may have (gasp!) checked my email more than 3 times.

as much as the perfectionist side of me* wants to throw my hands up and start over, the rest of me can acknowledge that this is a process, and just like in life, it’s okay to be less than 100% sometimes. and perhaps a lot of the growth and learning will happen in the ebb and flow of it all.

* have you met her? she tends to be mean, overcritical, and unrealistic. she never eats anything and she rarely smiles. i’m pretty sure she looks like this:

VBeck, what are you doing in my psyche?
and with that: on to week 2!

theme for the week is vitality. the chapter opens with the story of siddhartha, a young prince who left his family to escape into the woods for 12 years and then came out all rejuvenated and transformed — into buddha! during that time, he figured out that he actually could have done all of that without leaving his home and his family (smart guy!). and with that, baptiste encourages us to “reveal the vitality in your own life, right here, where you are.”

obviously, i can’t promise perfection, but i will give it a try!

yoga practice: this week’s goal is 30 minutes per day, and he outlines specific poses (most of which are included in his 75 minute audio flow). again, for the most part, the sessions i will do will be longer than that.

i will be attending 3 live classes this week [tuesday – thursday — it will be like my own mini-yoga boot camp!] in attempt to use up my remaining package at blue point, since the expiration date is approaching. for the rest of the week (fri – sun) i will be on call, and will plan on doing my own practices at home.

balancing diet: week 2’s aim is simple — just to focus on whole, unprocessed, and fresh foods. let me tell you, i am glad to have this specifically laid out, because, well, look what happened last night:

i found this in the freezer . . . and the rest was history
i think this will mesh very well with my attempts to use up the fridge/pantry contents. starting today.

vitality meditation: direct quotes from baron:

we all have tapes running in our heads that tell us we aren’t smart enough, good enough, thin enough; that we need to please people; that we should worry; that we have no choice but to obsess, be angry, be resentful, or be fearful.

woah, did he read my blog this weekend, or what??

as you sit this week, can you start to notice and gently label the most common themes that play in your mind? it may help to use labels, like “the victim tape,” “the worrier tape,” etc. don’t judge yourself with these labels; just use them lightheartedly to recognize the patterns that loop in your mind, and then let them go. in this practice, learn to meet these tapes with an open heart.

excellent timing, mr. baptiste. although these days i’m pretty sure they’re mp3s (who has TAPES anymore?). the goal will be to sit with these intentions for 10 minutes twice daily. here goes nothing . . .

Q&A of the day: what does YOUR inner perfectionist look like?



workout: 4 mile run, 9:13/mi pace, on the TM at 0.5% incline. i ‘treated’ myself to an extra 7 minutes because i didn’t get to do a longer run this past weekend! and it felt really, really good.

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