10 / 100

April 10, 2011

100 in 1001??
i’m sure you’ve all seen some great 100 in 1001 lists, right? if not, here’s a great example! the idea is to put down 100 dreams, wishes, or goals to be accomplished over the next three-ish years.

if you can believe it, i’ve never written such a list.


i think it’s because i really like to keep my lists/goals attainable, and 3 years just seems like such a long time! i mean, who knows if i’ll even actually want to do the same things 3 years from now?

but, i do love lists. and i love that the 100 in 1001 lists are generally filled with FUN dreams/plans/activities rather than the staid tasks that usually dominate resolution lists [i’m no exception!].

so, i’ve come up with a compromise: how about 10 in 100? that way, the tasks can be more seasonal, and there’s less pressure to make the perfect, complete list, because hey — in a few months, i can make a new one!

my 10 in 100
apparently, 100 days takes us deep into the heart of summer. this year is going SO fast!

✰ 1. have a dedicated spa/relaxation day this will probably end up being on my birthday next month! i will go the whole nine yards: yoga; massage; pedi; perhaps even a facial. ahhh i’m already excited πŸ™‚

✰ 2. get some cute yoga gear even though i know it may lead me down an expensive slippery slope, i don’t think i can hold out much longer — i have to check out our local lululemon. yes, HAVE to.

✰ 3. identify a new local running route once we move i am boring and like to run the same loops all of the time — so i have to find a good one from our door in durham!

something like this . . .
✰ 4. go to the farmer’s market, and preferably buy the bulk of the week’s groceries there.

✰ 5. try bull city burger and brewery [i KNOW josh will approve of this goal]

✰ 6. work on the foundations for titibasana/firefly [actually getting INTO this pose — probably not happening in 100 days!]

✰ 7. host another blogger gathering i i think this would be #3! i’ll have to figure out if it will be before or after our big move.

✰ 8. visit my family a short-but-sweet visit is already planned for june . . .

✰ 9. clean out my iTunes / find 3 new great albums

it’s a MESS in there!

✰ 10. make a delicious summery dessert i’ll take any suggestions!

15 years ago. 10th grade. it was a big year: i learned to do a back handspring. i went to state orchestra [playing violin]. i wore an awesome silver dress from 5-7-9 to the school valentine’s dance. i often fell asleep in algebra II [and then discovered coffee, which helped me stop!]. and i was extremely proud of my nail polish collection, which included every color of the rainbow, including sparkles.

unbeknownst to me at the time, 1996 was also the year my future husband graduated from duke university with an art history/civil engineering degree. funny how the age difference seems to have narrowed significantly since then!

i think the years have treated him well, don’t you?
perhaps because during the past 9 years of med school and surgery residency, sun exposure was . . . limited, to say the least πŸ™‚

partying it up:

i wasn’t sure what to expect, but actually thought the gala’s dinner was great!

sweet-potato quesadilla, various salads, guac, and delicious shrimp

all right, time to get outside and on with the day! if anyone else is moved to think of their own 10 in 100, i’d love to read them!