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April 27, 2011

hello from CO
i’ve never been here before! so far, my observations are:

a) it’s very pretty
b) it’s very cold

between this trip and our surprise ice age experience in sedona, i’m starting to think the southwest isn’t the sun-baked desert i had always envisioned. at least not when you get high into the mountains.

i have to give southwest props because we went from this:

carolina skies
to this:

welcome to denver
. . . in just 3.5 hours! apparently the ‘winds were favorable’. impressive!

after the flight, the whole group of us [pediatric endocrinologists: 90% female] met up in the airport, and we caught a charter bus to colorado springs.

such a pretty mountain town! the view from my hotel room balcony:

i think it will be be even more impressive once some of those clouds obscuring the mountains get out of the way.

it hit me that i have only had ‘my own’ hotel room a very small handful of times.

and then i got a little excited.

ZOMG, two beds! i can pick a different one each night!

it’s the little things, you know? although i prefer aveda.

hi from my room!

i miss my husband/official photographer already.

and now it’s off to ‘school’! [ignore the fact that it clearly is not summer, nor does it feel that way].

let the learning begin 🙂



workout: 33 minute run at home [sea level]. about to find out how i do at 6,000+ feet . . .

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