spring cleaning: inside edition

April 11, 2011

good morning, monday!

my mind and body are both in need of a monday today — ie, a fresh + clean start to the new week! the last few days were definitely fun, but not the kindest to my body or mind. while i did get in some running and a lot of yoga, there was plenty of lying around, and eating delicious things [as you’ll see below]. and uhhh — the last time i had a night that was alcohol-free was wednesday [oops!].

while it’s no secret that i love wine [and the conversations that tend to flow with it!], i am not a fan of the fitful sleep that follows, or the less-than-100% feeling that tends to greet me in the morning. and sadly for me, i find that these things occur even with one measly glass.

sometimes, it’s worth it [really]! but right now, at the start of a call week, i’m finding myself wishing i had gotten better rest over the past 4 days.

however, the timing works out very nicely for a little detox!

detox week: 4.11 – 4.17 –> mind + body
■ no alcohol
real food + no added sugar
■ 8 hours of sleep per night [or as close as possible]

■ no internet after work*
■ minimize multitasking as much as possible
■ daily yoga + seated meditation

* except to get on our virtual drive if needed to address work phone calls overnight

an ebay experiment
i did manage to tackle one major item this weekend — eBaying some clothes! some are ill-fitting, others just never flattered and as a result went virtually unworn for years. when i finished going through my closet, my donation bag was much bigger than my ‘to sell’ bag, but for items that were in great condition or worn only minimally [uhh – or not at all], i turned to the online auction site.

i’ll let you all know how it goes! if anyone is interested in an unworn anthro skirt or j. crew skinny jeans that i am fairly sure never fit me [hence the tag still on them . . .] here they are, up for grabs.



workout: 5 miles outside in about 47 minutes. i did this early, when it was nice and cool. i think 55-60 degrees is my absolute favorite running weather! i also went to BP twice over the weekend — for a grand total of FOUR classes there over the past 7 days. while i absolutely love these studio classes, i cannot afford to keep going at that rate! however, since i am on call this week and therefore will go zero times, things will average out okay.

spring equinox dinner!
just a few weeks late. k + dr. s honored us with their presence once again for this seasonal celebration.

i set out this nibbling station for pre-dinner drinks + conversation . . .

cheeses of the month: vecchio dulce + english cheddar with caramelized onions
[thanks again, B + S! ♥]

spring martha classics for dinner:

apricot-almond chicken with mint pesto + spinach salad with dried cherries
i almost forgot the mint pesto, but added it after the above photo was taken! good thing, because i thought it was the best part.

this dessert would not meet detox parameters but was absolutely delicious!

dr s’s homemade vanilla bean ice cream + strawberries + a belgian waffle (!!)
just one of many reasons those j. crew jeans are a no-go 🙂

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