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April 13, 2011

do you * star * ?
i don’t know the exact breakdown, but i believe that at least half of you access this site via google reader. don’t worry — i’m totally fine with that, and i understand completely, since that is definitely my blog/feed management tool of choice as well!

i am sure it is probably packed with features that i don’t use, but one that i do enjoy is the ability to star things so i have my own supercharged blogroll of sorts — a collection of posts i want to see again. some of these are recipes i want to make; others are just bits of wisdom and philosophy i know i’ll want to write about and share with you all!

some link ♥
i could blather on about my pager [oddly silent, actually!] or the viral URI that seems to be coming on [i love you too, dirty gross hospital] but i believe those topics are a BIT overplayed.

instead, some fresh insights for you from the starred archives on this lovely wednesday AM!

10 effective ways to stay calm at work as usual, the amazing angeliki has come up with another great post [my favorite tips? #1, #5, and #7!]. she also just ran her first marathon — tell her congrats!

at the top of my ‘to-bake’ list: peanut butter sandwich bread from eat live run. [wondering if and when jenna will ever change the site’s name!].

another modern philospher: girl in maths does a super-cool “spotlight on a website series” [okay, maybe i’m biased 🙂 ] and i was excited to discover scott young‘s great blog at her suggestion.

to me, his posts are a blend of cal newport [of study hacks fame] and leo babauta [who, as you know, is like my favorite guru ever, and the writer behind zen habits].


how to finish your work one bite at a time
energy management
the goal of learning everything

moving series from the unclutterer — how timely!

address-change checklist



workout: 3.2ish mile run outside. my current habit is to listen to a philosopher’s notes for the first part of my run or AM workout — definitely gets me into a positive mood for the day.

real simple this week’s meals all come from the real simple website, and yesterday’s polenta pizza was so good i was inspired to hire a professional photographer to take a shot of the finished product:

uhh, obviously my camera’s battery was dead and that’s the official RS shot
in reality, though, i thought this recipe got 5 stars for easiness but i am actually not the hugest polenta fan. josh liked it but he’s usually pretty easy to please.

detox report: um. remember the above allusion to said virus? i came home from work yesterday feeling like (#&@!* and could not bring myself to do yoga or meditate, and then i promptly opened my laptop for soothing, mindless internet browsing. but today is a new day! and to my credit, i did sleep 8 hours and did remain added-sugar-and-alcohol-free!

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