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April 15, 2011

energy management
hello from the den of germs! good thing those little buggers aren’t contagious over the internet [even ‘superbug’ MRSA hasn’t evolved that far . . . YET]. to those of you who only half-read my post yesterday and were jealous thinking that i got to enjoy a lovely day in my pajamas watching VH1 and slurping noodle soup, i’ll have you know that instead, i sneezed and sniffed my way through clinic, washing my hands approximately 285 times in attempt NOT to spread my grossness across the triangle.

don’t worry, i didn’t go into the bone marrow unit.

ANYWAY! so as i dragged myself throughout the day, i was actually rather grateful. because it made me realize that — by golly — normally i am QUITE an energetic person! i head out cheerfully for an AM workout, (usually) genuinely WANT to to do the things on my list, am happy to greet each patient/family with a bright smile, and do not freak out when extra tasks are laid unexpectedly onto my plate.

but yesterday? just, no. showering and getting ready for work? challenging. walking from the parking garage to clinic [not far]? fatiguing. seeing patients and typing out clinic notes? took every last drop. working out? HA!

and honestly, it’s not like i’m THAT sick! i don’t even have a fever; just a viral malaise and enough mucous on board to sink a ship. i did muster enough strength to lie down on the couch and read blogs/etc after work yesterday after work [yeah . . i know], and got to thinking about the concept of energy management — an article i read a few days ago when i actually had some.

feeling the way i did, it really hit home how important of a concept this is. i had all the time in the world yesterday after work, but my energy tank was completely empty. i had zero motivation and literally just felt like i was waiting for time to pass — rather than actually living.

of course, feeling like $(*@&@# is a good excuse for this. but it got me thinking to my energy rhythms when i am not sick:

. . . and i found this to be a useful exercise. i would like to become more aware of my natural energy swings and plan accordingly, and i also think i need to come up with a list of things to do when my gauge reads empty — ie, things other than lying on the couch and waiting for time to pass.

all i can say for now is that i feel incredibly lucky to normally have plenty of energy currency to work with, and i am inspired to continue adding habits that leave me with MORE of it.

do you find yourself in similar circadian patterns, or am i the only one raring to go at 6A (but near-comatose at 10P)? what do you do in energy nadirs to bring yourself back up to functional?

fashion friday: breezy tees
a gap still exists in my wardrobe for easy, washable spring/summer tees/tops. luckily, anthro has plenty of options to fill the void! unluckily, none of the ones i like are on sale . . . yet. but maybe if i put them in my shopping cart and click my heels three times . . .

lace tracings tee, $68. no necklace needed with this detailing!
sidewalk café blouse, $68. that color is just splendid. love it!
undersea exploration tee, $68. just add jeans + wedges, and you can call it an outfit.
gray line shirt, also $68. i will never tire of stripes!
in my opinion, these prices are a little much for glorified t-shirts, but i would bet dimes to doughnuts that at least some will be reduced to $40 or less in a month or so. let the sale-stalking commence!

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