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May 29, 2011

laying down our roots
well, it still looks like a warehouse in here, but at least the piles of boxes appear slightly more organized! josh and i are on a mission today to get our new place in some state of live-ability. we’re also in furniture-shopping mode [and seriously planning a pilgrimage to IKEA/west elm in charlotte tomorrow!].

so, i hope you will pardon my scattered thoughts during this unsettled time. i don’t even have a desk to write at anymore!

this one at ecko is pretty sweet, though
while i tried out desks for blog-ability, josh ‘tested’ the chairs . . .

we are contemplating a blue sectional [gotta love that part that you can lie back on!]

option A:

option B:

we shopped. we decluttered. we tried out the apartment gym [pretty nice!]. and then spent a small fortune at target for what seemed like the 23rd time.

finally, it was time for dinner . . .

a birthday surprise!
when m and k invited us over for a casual summer gathering, i had no doubts about the meal would be fantastic + gourmet . . .

fresh garlic scapes from the farmer’s market!
what i didn’t realize was that they had planned an impromptu belated birthday party for me!

beautiful girl with a beautiful bottle
lots of lovely wine was consumed
dinner: grilled chicken with scape + basil pesto orzo and braised greens
it turned into quite the wild evening . . .
k even baked me a cake!!
i think you can all guess my wish . . .

for some reason josh had me pose with this bouquet at midnight. you can see a bit of our apartment chaos!

tired much?

stay tuned
the first retreat post [with tomorrow’s assignments] will be up tonight!

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