omg may!

May 1, 2011

welcome to the best month of the year

maybe i’m biased. after all, my two biggest life events took place in this lovely month! i was born on the 20th, and got married to the love of my life [who i am missing like the dickens right now!] on the 27th.

may is also a month i associate with graduations and vacations. in ’09 josh and i celebrated in napa/sonoma; in ’10 we went tropical in st. maarten.

and really, staying in NC during this month usually isn’t too shabby either:

[never mind that the guests nearly died of heatstroke at our outdoor afternoon wedding.]

THIS may . . .
will be a busy and exciting one! i do have a long vacation up ahead [yay!], and during that time we will be packing up and moving across town to downtown durham. i will be headed back into the lab for my last brief stint before starting ‘for real’ to really get my project underway, and josh will be celebrating a lot of ‘lasts’ as his surgery residency begins to wind down [he finishes at the end of june].

my goals for the month? well, let’s just say that april’s ambitions didn’t go so well. so, i’m trying something new: NO GOALS, other than:

✰ the fun ones i am doing for 10 in 100

✰ living each day like i mean it, keeping the sage advice of my favorite virtual mentor in mind.

last may . . .
“appreciate every damn moment”, indeed.

off to day 6
of this conference. i’m actually pretty excited for today’s talks, many of which center around peds endo’s most controversial topic: the use of growth hormone.



workout: yesterday — 36 minute run at the hotel treadmill (average 10:00/mi pace, 0.5% incline).

team dinner the chair of our department [who is awesome] took the peds endo team [3 fellows + 1 attending] to tamayo last night, and we had so much fun! there was plenty of sangria and a whole array of modern mexican dishes — sort of reminding me of my philadelphia favorite distrito [though not quite as hip/trendy]. i would definitely go back if i am ever in the area!

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