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May 17, 2011

coming into focus
planning for the virtual summer retreat has begun!

i can’t decide what i’m more excited about: planning this 6-week experience, or actually going through it personally with so many of you! so far, i’m still in the brainstorming stages [i will be putting together the elements in a more concrete fashion during my upcoming vacation].

i’m having a great time putting my ideas on paper, and i already have a number of things up my sleeve. but since two heads are better than one — and i know there are plenty of brilliant heads out there reading this — i would like to solicit your thoughts as well!

so, i would love it if you would share with me any of the following:

■ an idea for an activity or journal entry

media: a blog post, free e-book, video, or podcast that has inspired/spoken to you

■ what YOU would like to get out of the experience [general or specific!]

what’s in it for you?
i know you’re all going to be shocked, but i am going to recommend that participants dedicate a notebook [preferably a cute one that makes you want to write in it!] specifically for this journey.

if you can write it, you can do it!
and this [rather awesome] one is up for grabs to anyone leaving a brainstorming comment on this post! the winner will be chosen on thursday AM, so get your thoughts to me before then.



workout: 3.2ish mile run outside [perfect temps — ahh, i wish i could just hit ‘pause’ and keep this NC may weather year round!]

super natural cooking
this recipe is from super natural cooking, a beautiful book filled with recipes that have never let me down. [i am currently coveting the recently-released sequel super natural every day — and i will succumb eventually!]

this pasta dish is in the book but is also online on the lovely simply recipes site. unfortunately, my photo cannot compete with elise’s, but trust me when i say this asparagus-spinach pesto pasta was delicious.

layered with extra spinach as a healthy base
i had anticipated leftovers, but josh took it upon himself to eat approximately 4 servings of this meal and now it’s all gone. note to self: next time, ignore the serving size on the package of pasta; it takes a lot to satisfy this burger king.

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