May 10, 2011

positive psychology
if you’ve ever taken intro psych [and i recommend it! so interesting!], you’ve probably heard of martin seligman, who is considered the founder of positive psychology. however, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that thinking, writing, and talking about happiness became totally mainstream, earning ms. rubin’s famous book a coveted #1 spot on the NYT bestseller list for weeks!

i absolutely loved her book and would recommend it to anyone. i found it inspiring, and it’s just a fun read. i would say, though, that it is more of a personal journey/memoir than an analytical exploration of what really brings people happiness on a broader level.

cue martin seligman again! i think that scientifically studying what makes people happy is just an amazing, awesome concept. if i could, i would go back for my masters degree in happiness — seriously [and maybe someday i will, if i can drum up an extra $45,000 and a sabbatical year to commit to study. who wouldn’t want to take their diabetic child to the pediatric endocrinology + happiness clinic?].

flipping through the latest issue of whole living on my way to colorado, i was intrigued by the spread on seligman discussing his new book [flourish].

apparently, after years of further study he has revamped his OWN happiness theory, adding on relationships and accomplishment and creating distinctions between “one-dimensional” happiness and true well-being.

so: according to dr. seligman, the formula for well-being can be found in this acronym:

Positive emotion [optimism + energy]
Engagement [doing activities that lead to flow]
Relationships [fulfilling social life]
Meaning [belief that you are serving a truly important purpose in the world]
Accomplishment [doing “something noteable”, or just setting + achieving personal goals]

i am definitely interested enough from this article that i plan on reading more!

what do you think of PERMA? anything you would add or take out? and if you’ve read his book, what did you think?

following suit
my little impulse purchase [mine is navy] came in the mail yesterday! admittedly, bathing suit shopping can be scary, especially for those of us who are a little bit . . . curvier, let’s say . . . than we were last summer. i was slightly anxious as i tried it on.

luckily the designers at anthro know how to style a flattering suit!
honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that there are people at work who may read this [and i always keep in mind that patients/parents of patients might search for my name and find this blog!], i’d post a picture. that is how good i felt in this bathing suit! now i just need to book that beach weekend so that i can put it to good use . . .



workout: 32 minute run on my usual CH route [which i will miss dearly once we move!]. it was a cool 51 degrees out! i am savoring these last springy mornings because i know pretty soon it will be hot and steamy pretty much 24/7.

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