so i guess we’re moving soon

May 23, 2011

good morning
and happy monday! while it is not technically a work week for me, it is definitely going to be quite a busy 7 day stretch as we gear up to move across town. as of now, 0% of our belongings are packed — but the used boxes i ordered from ecobox are [hopefully] on their way!

moving checklist

a lot of empty checkboxes . . .
but for some reason, i’m not that stressed about all this! perhaps i’m delusional but i just keep thinking that we DON’T have that much stuff [we’re moving from a 1-bedroom apartment to another 1-bedroom apartment] and therefore it won’t be so bad . . .

summer music
on a completely different note, did anyone else download this? i couldn’t pass up the $0.99 version released on amazon last night:

so far it sounds authentic, but apparently it’s the censored version. for that price, i’ll take it! i have to admit i really don’t love the new album so far [coming from a former superfan who crossed state lines to see her live in 2009!], but it still makes for great workout music.

gaga aside, the album that has been on heavy rotation since i got it a few days ago is helplessness blues, the new release from fleet foxes.

love it, love it, love it! and of course, it’s hard to argue with a double ‘buy it’ from sound opinions.

gearing up
all right, it’s time to make a more focused checklist for this busy day! i’d like to thank craigslist for helping me along so far . . .



workout: 4 slow miles (~10:00/mi?) on my usual route. it was starting to warm up — i have to start making sure i get out there EARLY!

dinner with earlyrunner [aka chelsea + daniel]!
one of the most fun [and initially unexpected] parts about having a blog is getting to meet new people from all over, often with similar interests. josh and i enjoyed getting to introduce this well-traveled couple to some classic NC cuisine at watts grocery. . .

some highlights:

farmer’s cheese hush puppies with basil mayo
delicious shrimp with bacon and hominy
chelsea + me!
we talked about weightlifting, computer science, and more! it was a fun night — thanks to this lovely wisconsin couple for stopping by!

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