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May 15, 2011

i SO want to be a font. who knew it was actually a real-life possibility?

i discovered kevin and amanda‘s site the other day and it took me about 0.3 seconds before i was practicing my own “quick brown fox” sentence.

official submission!
unfortunately, i am terrible at keeping my lines straight on unlined stationery! maybe i should have submitted a list instead . . .

ahhh, that’s much better
anyway, the good news is that if i don’t get selected [and i’m guessing odds are slim – she probably has a million and one people lined up to be fonted!], i can just buy my font. and i will.

saturday hi-jinks
as i announced proudly in yesterday’s post, i enjoyed a decadent day yesterday, complete with 11+ hours of sleep [!!!]. aside from a gym workout and some laundry [and remember: i luuuuv this chore], i did very little that could be considered ‘productive’. and that worked for me! it was a very relaxing and fun day.

the oddest part about waking up so late was how SHORT the day was! i felt like i was just getting going when josh notified me that it was time to go out already. we headed to the dead mule on franklin street — a little div-ey bar with a cute outdoor patio. josh enjoyed his date with two ladies last night!

just hangin’ out on the porch
i tried not to be a third wheel 🙂

josh with beverly, his good friend and an awesome SICU nurse at UNC
it was fun hearing his work stories from another perspective! i left with even more admiration [if that’s possible] for my extremely hard-working, nice, and smart husband.

restaurant review: butternut squash
after our drinks, we headed to butternut squash in chapel hill. now first, let me tell you: i wanted to like this restaurant. i had read a few complaints, but loved the premise of healthy vegetarian options in a cozy setting on franklin street.

but . . . in the end, i have to say that butternut squash deserves its overall negative reviews [see yelp, for examples]. even for vegans or vegatarians, i would recommend other options ahead of this one for dining out in chapel hill [see sage + panzanella on my review page — love both places].

to begin with, the atmosphere was . . . odd. it was nearly empty at 8:30 pm on a saturday night, and our waitress was sweet but seemed very young and a bit inexperienced. unlike 99.9999% percent of NC eating establishments, they did not have a liquor license [beverly ran across the street and bought us some wine to enjoy with dinner!].

we started with this “tapas” plate:

nothing on this plate really stood out — and honestly, i thought the dipping selections were a little odd [what were those grapes doing there?].

for our entrées, josh and i both selected vegetable curry dishes: i picked indian, and he chose thai. both were essentially the same pile of veggies with a sauce glopped on top:

their indian version: at least this was pretty tasty
seriously, though, i have had better vegetarian meals . . .

served out of my own kitchen for 1/4 of the price!!
[exhibit A above was . . . yesterday’s lunch.]

finally, the crowning moment of the evening was when at 9:30 pm [approximately 10 minutes after we had paid], the music got really uninvitingly loud. i wondered if it was a not-so-subtle cue to leave, and sure enough 2 minutes later our waitress came out and timidly said, “i’m sorry, but we close at 9.”

honestly, i think that when you pay >$60 to dine somewhere [this wasn’t a fast food place!] you should be allowed to sit there for a few minutes after the meal. it wasn’t like we were camping out for hours!

of course, we politely high-tailed it out of there [and we still left a >20% tip – i really don’t think it was the waitress’s idea to boot us out, plus she was trying hard], but i have no intention of ever returning. of course, if yesterday evening’s crowd is any indication, there won’t be anything to return to pretty soon anyway.

the good news? i had a super-fun night with wonderful company! and despite my negative review, we didn’t let the experience bring us down in the least.

and in other news?
totally unrelated, but the HLS location was announced a couple of weeks ago, and it’s going to be in philadelphia [my birthplace + home town!]. i definitely want to go . . . anyone else in!?

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